Announcing Job Seeker Profiles: The New ZipRecruiter Tool that Helps Candidates Be More Competitive

We’re excited to announce a new way to help job seekers find their dream job: the Job Seeker Profile.

This latest innovation helps job seekers add important information to their ZipRecruiter profile and get matched with open jobs which are right for them. We constantly strive to create a better job seeker experience, and the Job Seeker Profile is another way that ZipRecruiter is the smartest way to find a job.

With the Job Seeker Profile, applicants don’t need to wonder if their resume is complete. From education to work history, the profile guides users through every important section that should be included in a competitive application. The tool prompts job seekers to enter relevant details employers want to know, including contact information, degrees earned, previous jobs held, and website address.

Applicants can even add their desired salary information, objectives, and an executive summary to help better communicate to employers their career expectations and goals. The profile also lets job seekers request and add professional references, which will be available and readily displayed to prospective employers. By organizing a job seeker’s information in a unified way, our matching algorithm can more quickly match them with the right opportunities.

From the employer side, the Job Seeker Profile introduces several useful benefits. We’ve already drastically reduced time to hire, and the Job Seeker Profile will further expedite the hiring process. A job seeker’s experience, education, and desired compensation are clearly laid out so employers can quickly and easily connect with great candidates for their open jobs.

Create your Job Seeker Profile today!

Written by Sudjeev Singh