The One Thing HR Doesn’t Want To Have To Talk To You About [Infographic]

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As a business professional your appearance matters. It shouldn’t matter but it does. How you present yourself says a lot about your goals and ambitions as well as the respect you have for your job and your coworkers and clients. We all know you shouldn’t roll up to a job interview in dirty clothes with unkempt hair, but not everyone realizes that the challenge doesn’t end when you get the job. In the age of fewer business suits and more jeans and hoodies, how do you draw the line on your personal appearance?

Let’s talk about beards. Beards are probably more popular than ever. Twenty years ago most jobs had strict rules preventing men from having beards. Why? Because it’s really easy to go from a clean and neat beard to an unsightly mess of a beard full of food crumbs. It’s easier to just tell your employees they aren’t allowed to have beards. But today beards are more popular than ever, and with great beard comes great responsibility. If you’re gonna have a beard, be sure to take proper care of it, OK?

But what about shaving? You can easily make a mess of yourself shaving, and coming into the office with bloody toilet paper bits stuck all over your face can have basically the same effect as coming to the office with a beard full of crumbs. Unfortunately most parents aren’t telling their kids that proper grooming is important if you want to get and keep a job, so no one really knows what to do. Learn proper shaving techniques so that if you are going to shave regularly you aren’t making a mess of your face.

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Author: Brian Wallace

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