Zonin USA Review: Zonin Prosecco Delivers Crisp Taste With Fruity Flavor For Fun Mimosas

Zonin Prosecco is a delightful and easy-drinking Prosecco that tastes great on its own or is a great mixer with orange juice for mimosas. What stands out about Zonin Prosecco? It is stylish with its newly-redesigned label that adds a festive and contemporary look to the table.

Zonin Prosecco is an excellent drink that goes down clean with a refreshing and satisfying taste. I found I enjoyed mixing it with orange juice as a companion for brunch. My wife used a grape seltzer for an after-dinner drink with dessert. Both pairings worked for us with a delicious treat.

Zonin Prosecco has a dry, pleasantly fruity flavor that pairs perfectly with just about any dish. So, consider enjoying this Prosecco alongside tapas or a three-course dinner. Zonin Prosecco is a refreshing, easy-drinking Prosecco with award-winning taste at a fraction of the cost of other sparkling wines.

Zonin Prosecco is described as pale straw yellow with a persistent perlage and rich mousse. What you will notice with this Prosecco is that its bouquet is refined and elegant. It is enhanced by pleasing fruity notes. It is dry with notes of almonds and fresh citrus and has a refreshing, aromatic finish.

A little about the process for Zonin Prosecco. After gently pressing the grapes, the resulting must is separated into two batches. What this means is that half undergoes an initial fermentation at 64°F while the remaining portion is stored at 32°F and kept unfermented.

The must is later combined and, following the traditional Charmat method, is transferred into pressurized stainless steel tanks, where the wine gains its celebrated sparkling properties.

Zonin Prosecco pairs with a wide selection of dishes. Take for example, Caprese salad, crab cakes, pan-seared salmon with lemon and basil, chicken pesto with angel hair pasta, or fine desserts.

Zonin has been building their brands on the Italian and world scenes. The Zonin family base their success on their passion and devotion to wine production. In the land and vineyards of the hills of Gambellara, in the heart of the Veneto Region, the Zonin Company produces a wide range of wines: classic D.O.C.G. and D.O.C. wines, traditional I.G.T.s and refined sparkling wines. These are types of wine that underline the exclusivity of their terroirs and the characteristics of the varietals from which they are made.

Overall, it was a great experience sharing these wines from Zonin USA. What do you think of the prosecco? Let us know in the comments section.

Disclaimer: For purposes of this review, Zonin USA provided a sample of their product.

Photo Credit: Zonin USA

Author: Shawn Rice

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