Jay-Z Racks Up $91,000 Bar Tab at NYC Nightclub [Social Media Reactions]

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Jay-Z sure knows how to party. To celebrate the birthday of Juan “OG” Perez, the Grammy Award-winning artist and a group of friends reportedly spent more than $100,000 during a night out in New York City—and a photo of one pricey receipt is now going viral on social media.

Page Six reports that Jay-Z and a group of executives from Roc Nation hit the town to celebrate the Roc Nation Sports president’s birthday. On Sunday, they started their evening at Zuma, a high-end Japanese restaurant, where they spent $13,000 on sushi, lobster and steak. The group then spent more than $100,000 on drinks between stops at Made In Mexico and the Playroom nightclub. According to the report, he “was seen handing bottles out to other tables in the club.”

A server later shared an image of the receipt from the Playroom on Snapchat. The group, which included Perez’s wife, Jay-Z’s cousin and Roc Nation executives, spent more than $80,000 on drinks—plus an $11,000 tip—for a total of $91,135 in one night. At the nightclub, they splurged on 40 bottles of Ace of Spades champagne, a brand that was acquired by Jay-Z in 2014.

The Playroom reacted to the rapper’s visit on Instagram, writing, “First of all Thank God for everything!! What happen last Night has become the topic of discussion on social Media but for us was more then the money!! Having the GOAT #jayz #rocnationin the building was priceless!!! Thanks to everyone that came out and behaved!!!” In the video, the bottles can be seen being delivered across the room.

Many people were shocked to see how much the group spent on drinks. Some social media users joked about wanting to earn the same $11,000 tip, while others questioned why Jay-Z didn’t tip 20 percent. See how social media reacted to the pricey night out below:

Social Media Reacts to Jay-Z’s “Epic” $91,000 Bar Tab at NYC Nightclub

What are your thoughts on Jay-Z’s $91,000 bar tab? How do you feel about the tip? Sound off in the comments section below!

Photo credit: Joella Marano, Wikimedia Commons (CC 2.0)

Author: Erica Abbott

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