WWE WrestleMania 34: The Bludgeon Brothers Capture Smackdown Tag Team Belts From The Usos

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The Usos lost their Smackdown tag team belts to The Bludgeon Brothers in a triple threat match at WrestleMania 34 which also involved The New Day. Luke Harper and Eric Rowan battered aside The New Day and the defending champion Usos to win their first tag team titles.

In the end, The Usos got knocked to the floor alsong with Big E. Kofi ends up in the ring alone with Harper. Kofi ran up but was shot back down. Rowan then powerbombed Kofi to the floor. Harper came off the top for a big double team powerbomb on Kofi and held it for the pin and the win.

Since reuniting as a team, The Bludgeon Brothers have left a path of destruction in their wake, and they entered WrestleMania having beaten every challenge placed in front of them.

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The Usos are headed to WrestleMania. Now, the challenge begins. The SmackDown Tag Team Champions will be defending their titles against not one, but two tag teams just as hungry as Jimmy & Jey — The New Day, who traded victories with the twins over 2017’s already-legendary series between the tandems, and The Bludgeon Brothers, who have never competed at WrestleMania as a tag team but whose rebirth has already made them a force to be reckoned with on Team Blue.

The championship match first came about when The New Day won the right to once again challenge The Usos for the titles at WWE Fastlane. As that rivalry began to regain steam, Harper & Rowan waited in the wings until they finally struck during the edge-of-your-seat title bout, decimating both teams and sending Xavier Woods to the hospital. The Bludgeon Brothers continued their onslaught the next week, defeating the only medically cleared members of The Usos and New Day — Jimmy Uso and Big E — and using brute strength to position themselves for a title match.

Given that The Usos and The New Day have a grudge to settle against the behemoths (and each other), it’s now a matter every team for themselves, and this one may not come down to who hits what move so much as who is physically left standing when the dust finally settles.

Author: Shawn Rice

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