5 Ways to Take Your Business to the Next Level

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Regardless of how long you’ve been in business, grim statistics from Forbes and the SBA may be echoing somewhere in the back of your head. We know that 9 out of 10 business fail – and nobody wants to be a part of the losing team. As intimidating as it may seem, if you’re consistent in the way you manage and recruit customers, success is much easier to achieve.

Let’s cover 5 key steps to take your startup to the next level.

1. It’s Chess, Not Checkers

Operating and advancing a business is a strategist’s game. Laboring over a business plan and endless charts and spreadsheets covering market estimations is only the beginning. Customer acquisition is an ongoing process that’s never etched in stone. With constant societal shifts and endless technological advancements, you must be prepared to stay on your toes.

Strategize winning processes to provide top-notch service and attract great customers.

Often times, the key customers you seek are hidden in plain sight. They’re tucked between trending topics, online surfing patterns, and their friends’ spending habits. It’s your job to use these mountains of facts and figures to smoke out buyers and prospects with the most potential.

2. Study Your Customer

Creating a Customer Profile based on projected demographics carried you through the launch. Be sure to review your current customer base, to make sure you’re always on target. Evaluate which sources are sending you the most traffic. Consider the advertisements and promotions that spark the greatest response. Which products/services are performing best? What price point seems most appealing?

Not every customer is right for every business. Similarly, not every business is right for every customer. Make sure it’s a good fit for both parties.

Studying your customers also means taking feedback into consideration. Use reviews to see what you’re doing right – and to pinpoint areas of improvement. Don’t become so attached to a single strategy, product, or delivery method that you miss out on a prime opportunity to let your customer base guide you in a profitable direction.

3. Snoop Around

Everything you offer must be tailored to meet your customers’ needs. This includes being aware of what your competition is doing. You can use virtual tools to discover the keywords competitors use market to your audience. Monitor social media interactions and reviews on comparable products.

Know thy customers and their challenges.

Who is your target turning to when they need their problems solved? What solutions are available and how can you improve your product to be even more effective?

4. Keep Creating

Stay ahead of the curve by putting your innovation to the test. Even if your product, service, marketing strategy, packaging, etc. is performing well – it can always be better. Use customer research to anticipate future needs. Place yourself in your target’s shoes to create new ways to help solve a problem or make life easier for them.

When we stop creating, we fail.

How can you upgrade your inventory to show that your company is a progressive solution and a leading expert in your industry?

5. Technology Is Your Friend

It doesn’t matter what you’re offering, or who you’re targeting to make the sale, how you use technology directly impacts the success of your business. From sales to market research, technology saves everyone involved tons of time and money.

Interactive websites, cart savers, automated referrals, email lists, online subscriptions, keyword research, social media promotions, accounting, applications in Google Play and the App Store – you need to apply as many relevant technological based tools as possible. This optimizes the way your business is managed and casts a wide net to capture those highly desired key customers.

Your users’ experience may leave them with a lasting impression of your business.

Technology creates a seamless customer experience. It makes it possible use past interactions as the premise for future exchanges. If you’ve used social media to attract your first 100 or 1,000 customers, then you know where your audience can be found. Target friends of friends and prospective customers based on optimized results. Technology is the skeleton key that multiplies conversions.

Overall, your objective is to create a memorable customer experience. Never underestimate the value of organic sales. As you grow, you must present a business that is unquestionably committed to your customer. Loyalty is the premise for expansion. To create a successful strategy, you must present a business capable of catching, retaining, and nurturing your audience’s attention.

With so many variables to consider, perfecting this strategy can seem like a tall order. With the help of a marketing campaign manager, you’ll learn how to streamline proven advertising techniques to increase your reach – both on and off the web.

It’s important to raise awareness around your product, as well as your brand. As you build a reputation for offering the best quality products with relevant solutions to your target’s needs, those “key customers” will be attracted to you like a moth to a flame.

Author: Joel Goldstein

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