The Four: Chris Vanny Performs Mix-Up Of Carlos Santa, DJ Khaled And Rihanna But Fails To Earn Challenge

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Photo Credit: FOX

DJ Khaled said that he did not think he came with it. DJ said that the bar is high. Meghan Trainor said that it is undeniable that he has swag and that he is cool. Sean “Diddy” Combs said that this is season 2 and not season 1. Diddy like the tone of his voice but did not like his dance moves. Diddy said to pick your spots and to stand strong and sing your music. He received one blue and two reds. The panel did not think he had what it took to challenge one of The Four. DJ Khaled said to keep hustling.

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The Four Social Media Reactions

Four super-talented and fiercely competitive singers, chosen from their auditions by the show’s panel of music industry experts, will try to defend their coveted spots on the stage, as they are challenged individually by new singers determined to replace them. Each week, if any of the four are outperformed, they’ll go home and their challengers will take their place.

And those challengers could be fans who had been sitting on a couch one week, and singing onstage the next. Viewers who think they’ve got the talent to compete and unseat the four singers onstage will have the opportunity to submit an audition video. America will have the chance to decide who is brought onto the show by voting on the available streamed auditions and influencing which challengers will take on THE FOUR and shake up the competition.

If the existing four singers outperform their challengers, then they survive to sing another week, until the end of the season, when the singers have safely secured their spots on stage and face off against each other, resulting in one being named the winner. At stake is the ultimate prize: the panel of industry experts becomes key players on the winner’s team. This elite group of star-makers will help shepherd the winner’s career and be fully invested in making him or her a breakout star. As part of the grand prize, the winner will also be part of iHeartMedia’s coveted “On the Verge” artist development program, which will support the winning talent with airplay across iHeartMedia radio stations nationwide.

Author: Shawn Rice

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