By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy. However, it failed to achieve much headway due to its poor overclockability and high price. The motherboard is very well labelled, if you do not happen to know what a header does just look closely on the PCB and you’ll find a description. Still, it was a remarkable effort for a chip house that until then, only designed graphics processors! We could run any test and the NF7-S passed all of them even running Prime 95 overnight.

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This is definitely the best overclocking nForce 2 motherboard. It was manufactured using a nm 0.

Besides the two rear USB 2. Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.

ABIT K7 Motherboard NF7-S NVIDIA nForce Chipset Motherboard

Subscribe to our Newsletter. Not only was the performance of the nForce well below expectations but it took nearly half a year from launch date till the chipset would be widely available. Stacked with technology and useful features, ABIT have their interpretation up and raring to go.

Although there’s very little information on it, the DASP Dynamic Adaptive Speculative Pre-processor was apparently updated with new algorithms, thus chlpset it a second generation label. With five bit PCI slots you won’t have any problems adding in future expansion cards if desired either.

ASUS has three boards in the top ten and 5. Socket A motherboards supported a broad number of chipset designs that included the VIA KT and Nvidia nForce Ultra series, both popular choices with motherboard manufacturers. Therefore, the NF7-S supports no more than four IDE drives total, which really shouldn’t be an issue with the vast majority of users and yes, even power users.


Intel’s Desktop Chipset Roadmap October, Click to find out more. It looks formidable on paper. And now, they are back with the second generation nForce chipset!

If you decide to upgrade out of vanity, or necessity, to a larger active Northbridge heatsink you’ll appreciate the fact that ABit have placed the fan header just a few millimeters up on the board. What was the best tech product of ? We had a look at the revised nForce2 chipset a couple of months ago. Return next week when we will focus on the AMD Socket platform and the motherboards, chips and scores that defined that particular era.

ABIT NF7-S Version Basic Features – nForce2 6-way Motherboard Roundup – December

Second, memory performance was to be upgraded to support Dual Channel DDR memory which was designed to give full memory capability to the latest AMD CPU’s as nr7-s as being able to route the extra memory bandwidth to the onboard graphics for the IGP versions and the Hyper-Transport protocols in order to produce a much faster chipset. Find other tech and computer products like this over at Amazon’s website.

If one were to buy a mid to high end motherboard or AMD “whitebox” system these days, they would be well advised to only seriously consider options which have ‘nVIDIA nForce2 inside. The general layout of the NF7-M is good, I would have preferred to have the main ATX and auxiliary power connectors elsewhere, but I understand that being close to the MOSFETs provides chipxet cleanest voltage signals nofrce the motherboard powersupply circuit.


In only half a year, nVIDIA have dethroned the previous champion chipsets from VIA and have created quite a reputation for themselves in the stable high performance chipset arena. ABIT has been trying to separate themselves from other motherboard manufacturers as much as possible lately. Let’s find out just what it can do against VIA’s finest. Whether its performance has improved though is hard to say.

Galleon – ABIT K7 Motherboard NF7-S NVIDIA NForce Chipset Motherboard

This is good news for the overclockers out there because this means the NF7-M has the potential to overclock high – or at least that is what the word on the street seems to indicate – but you never with a hundred percent certainty. It supported a range nf7-a K7 architecture AMD processors and core designs that spanned the period from to Sign up now Username Password Remember Me.

Check out the submission from I. Add to Reddit Bookmark this article: Despite the lacklustre success of the original nForce chipset, NVIDIA remains adamant in their efforts to conquer the motherboard chipset market. By reading this site you agree to our cookie policy.