Because China makes millions of camera devices cell phones , there are many rejected parts. The various lens coating colors none, red, green and blue do not seem to correlate to anything. Available in black or silver. I would like to thank Artur for sharing this mod and you for running the website. It can be blanked by modifying the firmware on some cameras. This is not a consumer friendly product, particularly for people who are not technically inclined.

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Camera #1 Software Architecture

It may take both photo and video. Here is how to do that. Try to put your camera in webcam mode. Expect broken English and some misinformation.

Before using this product, please carefully read this user manual. |

The camera is assembled. Many rejected parts don’t pass the parametric tests but are still cameea. The problem was that due to missing filter the colors are missing from the picture, but the light sensitivity was wery good.


Lens unit pivots which is a big plus for us RC guys. Or about 4 gig for 3 days recording.

Video operation button MP3 mode: But I suspect a device am3631. Other sites for this driver: The 1 camera is also called the A missing frame can be a pointer in an index table to a previous unique frame. Consumer like it as a good tool of business,education,security,media,justice,tourism,medical care and so on.

Firmware Ak3631 Pc Camera

pd Lens Centered or Offset. These create a HD video file, p, x or x It is important to identify the camera version. Infrared nightvision LED light 2. Appearance and buttons 1.

My 3 camera 4. Reset the circuit by connecting the battery module to an external LiPo charger, then connect it to the and charge it.

Sorry the type is poor on my photo. Jumbo p Button Side.

Ak Pc Camera – 1 of the 20k Drivers

User – Pressing the power button initiates the operating system which is resident on the CPU. Some wide angle lenses have fisheye distortion.


Or, if the battery fails it might swell like a balloon and need to be replaced. Symptom sk3631 The battery module is outputting 0V. If the system can not be turned on,please check the Also in generalun-branded or generic SD cards have compliant sequential write speed but slow random write speed.

Sample video from the time lapse project. If the system files are deleted or corrupted the camera will fail. Google CodeSearch and GoogleCode.

For objects in the video to be played at the correct aspect ratio, the AVI file must be scaled to aspect ratio 1. It is used in some of the cameras. The circuit board is not marked with a model number.