Other options may be available depending on the specific card. Your link above no longer works. This site hosts no abandonware. It depends on the software which IO is used: I actually new most of that about the SB, except that they fixed the midi bug it in the v4.

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It is a feature of SB The card has an amplifier which can be disabled with jumpers, as it should.

Audio Excel CMI 8330 soundcard.

Everything gerwin said is true. Therefore I use it only as second “SBcard” by way of its spdif in and spdif out channels. The earlier games which fall back to SB2.

It used the CMI chipset. There cmii no material that is knowingly illegal here. Next carf that there are some extra tools that are a nice bonus, such as a wav player and a recording tool. Anyone got an opinion on this card, should I get me one?

This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. And I am aware of the working-but-bitch-to-fit daughterboard header as well. Soundcard also sold as: And “some cases” as you said are cases when earlier games don’t play sound in SB16 mode, they catd be used on SB Pro. This should solve your problem.


This disclaimer is brought to you thanks to the BSA. To know this it is necessary to plug it into the slow machine.

Cmedia (CMI) Cm8330 Audio Driver

I found this to be resistor R32 near the waveblaster header: That works very well, the ISA card is completely silent when not in use because of the mixer settingsand outputs a flawless digital signal to the PCI card when used for SB16 emulation in a Windows Dos box. These programs are exitted when done no TSR’s. I play GM games all the time and rarely notice the hanging note bug with my CTs to be honest. Alternatively, use a diagnostic utility like NSSI 0.

Users browsing this forum: This site hosts no abandonware. I need to use it longer before I can give a final verdict. These are 5V TTL level, and need some form of simple converter to make them suitable for a 1V coax connection.

VOGONS • View topic – Sound Blaster 16 Clones

Most modern distros come with soundcore compiled as a module. Ports and hex will cause both speakers to output sound.


Last edited by gerwin on For drivers older than 0. Unfortunately, the audio female ext. Soujd to the pile of broken dreams it goes. The Signal to Noise ratio sounds fine, but I don’t know how to measure it. Note that some usb-audio devices do not have internal mixer controls.

Worked with every game I tried on it and it sounds really good to boot. You can check this in numerous ways. Of course it also means you have more control of your system.