The converters sound really good. Essentials Only Full Version. I hate to part with it because it has never once given me issues, and it has one of the lowest latencies if not the lowest in it’s ability and price range. Petite trs important port are communication with the PC is the meaning pci. Its value is honest. I am at a loss as to why it works for you guys and not me.. I have 4 DA’s and was promised by Calvin Banks at MAudio support that a driver would be availavble in and still waiting.

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Roland RPC-1 64 bit driver for Windows 7

What are the main defective things that I can check? Sort by most recent most useful. Request a new review. By the way I am running all this on Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit, and efirol tried with both 32 and 64 bit versions of Sonar Upon further inspection, it has the same exact jack looks like a serial input as the Edirol DA The case is strong and inspires confidence, the quality and advantages of analog conversions is really good, hard saturate trs, trs a good map.


I’m waiting for the model in da-2946. You usually get there by pressing the del key on start up when prompted. I was thrilled to pieces when i found out I can still use my Edirol DA with the roland card: Everything Mount 19 “rack pretty trs Support for external sync, possibility of chains up to four cards.

Essentials Only Full Version. I so want to use my DA!!! Is the onboard sound disabled in windows or in your computer’s bios? That’s good, because the software is also supplied with the. HoHo Max Output Level: I was able to upgrade my RPC-1 card to the latest M-audio 6. Essentials Only Full Sa-2496.

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Download DA by Edirol

I’ve used Sonar for years now and produced 3 CDs with it, went to uni and took a break so am currently still on XL 2. Matched pair or purchased seperatly, different times, different vendors? But I was able to use a latency of 64 samples.

Can da–2496 record a single track in a clean project and it sounds o. Richland Center WI Status: What version of the chip ROM do you have? I have 4 DA’s and was promised by Calvin Banks at MAudio support that a driver exirol be availavble in and still waiting. Both work very well except the PCs hang during shutdown.


Despite Roland’s claim to the contrary, they are the same thing.

Zikman59’s review – Edirol DA – Audiofanzine

You loose midi over RBUS. If dx-2496 have some driver to RPC-1 win7 64bit please contact me! I did looze midi over RBUS though.

Enter your search terms Submit search form. All was awesome until I came to shutdown and it didn’t. Need to force the 2 da2-496 to stop before shutdown using the following batch file. I have an Edirol DA that I’m probably going to have to upgrade, but I thought I’d check with you guys to see if you can help.