Don’t forget to go to the file tab and chose “save captured video as” option and then give your video or selection of frames a file name, the file will be given an automatic file extension choice of. Hope this makes it easier for you, best regards Ed. Turn the focus ring until the image clears up. A reliable driver you must have for your webcam Piergagnon Coulibaly. You have to click on the “Continue Anyway” button to install the driver.

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This will bring you back to the preference page, then click ok to close the page and this will bring you back to eyettoy “my webcam yahoo i. If you live in European countries, Australia, or India, then click on the “Yes” button to continue. Then go to the Start icon, control panel, sound and audio devices, then go to the audio tab, zceh-0004 in the sound recording “default device” box chose eye toy USB camera Namtai as the recording device rather than your sound card microphone input click apply and ok then exit out.

Once you have loaded drivers for a USB device even though they may be the wrong ones, they will be used every time you plug the device in again, and you will then not be able to load the correct eyeto.

After downloading the ZIP file, extract the content. Drag the internal folder onto your Windows Desktop.

The wizard will prompt you cmaera finish the installation as shown in the screen shot below. Contact Smith Micro for further information at http: Messenger and go to the “messenger tab” at the top of the screen the one next to the “view tab”.


Namtai Eyetoy SLEH-00031 / SCEH-0004

What do you like most about this program? The question marks are probably eyettoy Unicode for another language. I can always use it simply with relative ease. You can download a 30 day free trial of the webcam motion detector software Crime Catcher ver 3. Click on the “Finish” button to complete the process.

The Conex server is no longer online. With X resolutio. I have not used any similar programs, this will be my first time using a web cam uab I have been having trouble getting my computer to recognize the new hardware.

Once you know the camera is working make sure you close any programs accessing the camera as only one program can use it at a time. Next Plug the eyetoy in, and when the “found new hardware eyetoy USB camera Namtai” box comes up, un tick every box except the “install from a list or specific location” box, next browse to the c: The wizard will prompt you with a warning dialog as shown below.

Articles Forums Latest Search Wiki. Go into your volume control settings and make sure that the Mute box is not checked for your Microphone or Volume control settings. You must substitute the words Sony eye toy wherever you read the words D-Link VGA webcam in the document, also note where the document asks you to load the drivers from the CDrom first before pluging in the camera, you must instead plug the camera in first, and then when it say’s “install the software automaticaly Recommended ” you untick this box and chose “install from a list or specific location Advanced ” box instead, then you click next and then you browse to your eye toy driver folder and chose the OV You can then go to the capture tab and chose single frame, frames or video as your choice and it will record the one you chose.


Instead, check “Include this location in the search: Not to mention it has really fast download speeds free is always a good thing plus i have been tryi ng this cam for a while now and want to see how it comes to work as an usb webcam if the drivers are correct man not much at the moment as usual here i am back at the start doing this all over again because im confused on what you mean.

Namtai SCEH Eyetoy USB Camera Drivers – Microsoft Community

When you try it, and it is unclear whether ivertinsiu. To load the drivers first Unzip the sony eye toy driver folder.

Overview Reviews Related Drivers. Select install from a list or specified location Advanced.

Play around with the settings under the edit and options tabs to set you camera up to your personal preferences, and also under the video options chose how long a video recording should be. Make sure there is adequate lighting around the subject you are trying to record.

It will bring up the “Found New Hardware Wizard” as shown in the screen shot below. Now unplug the eye toy and then reboot the pc.

How do Udb use my camera as a webcam. Not to mention it has really fast download speeds.