Hi You call HHB and ask their advice. Parts Connexion free shipping weekend!! You could order the replacement s yourself. Register today and start selling your audio gear! I’d have thrown a shovel on the burro, hiked the mountain, mined and smelted the ore, cast the alloy, machined and lovingly handknit you a new driver for half that!

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It’s making a small amount of noise but the top end is seriously lacking.

In a way i replacemennt Ducked them up. A business profile Dealer listings and icon 20 posts per day posts per month posts per year For multiple software listings, 30 albums per classified albums per day albums per month albums per year See more. For those we have lost. Celestion Ditton 25 Studio Monitors.

HHB Circle 5: Bass driver just stopped working? – Gearslutz

Anyway, i will be getting the insurance money for these, and will have quid to spend on a new pair, i will spend more if needed, but only if the right thing rsplacement along, i could stretch to I’d have thrown a shovel on the burro, hiked the mountain, mined and smelted the ore, cast the alloy, machined and lovingly handknit you repladement new driver for half that! If it were me, I’d be going for Blue Sky’s: Subscribe to our Newsletter. In that price range ? Watch Report This Ad.


Click here to login. Did you just replace one cracked driver with the other original still working? The probem is the cone material.

A quick failure can either give you no output, or seriously reduced output as the partial voice coil becomes an antenna that continues to interact with the magnet. Today’s Posts support us FAQ advertise our advertisers.

Replacing tweeters | Audiokarma Home Audio Stereo Discussion Forums

HHB is going to tell you that there are no replacements available and if you try and get them reconed no one will do the job. The feedback period is over for this ad, so feedback is no longer allowed. Bass driver just stopped working? The do international shipping too. Apart from hole spacing it looks like a straight swap and the hole spacing I can fix easily. Still, I did think the price was OTT.

The replacejent were never pushed, however an ex-girlfriend decided to dust my speakers with a can of compressed air, I was fortunate enough to stop her before she sprayed the second speaker. Hi You call HHB and ask their advice.


How much to get one to me? Remove this ad forever by registering! Would you have to replace BOTH mid-drivers to get a balanced sound? They cannot be fixed, as they are no longer made. Will sell on the old tweeter to someone who might need a replacement and recoup some of the cost.

I own 5 x Circle 5a, and lent a pair to a replacemennt a few years ago. Share This Page Tweet. I think you should be looking at something like https: Terms of Use Privacy Policy.

Long shot, but – WTB HHB Circle 5 monitor(s) (or just driver!)

Already have an account? When he needed to buy a driver, Harberth supplied one. Or is the amp kaput if yours are the powered series?