My internet goes out every 4 minutes. Click the Recovery tab 8. I got a replacement,it didn’t work at all,had to take the second one back to a Bell store to get a third unit. New Turbo Stick as bad! After 2 weeks though the problems started. The company will not even try to solve the problem.

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Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick Reviews

The U might work well in some novaatel. And novatel u998 you think they really care? No more Bell Hands in my back pocket. I have written novatel u998 before about this flawed piece of technology. Novate, phones work great and no conflict with novatel u998 turbo stick. This is the 5th customer I’ve dealt with that had this unit and it doesn’t work If you read the thread you would see that everyone has already tried that.

It never connected tho. I must say the guys at the Bell store were empathic to the situation novatel u998 I very plainly told them what I thought of their product and, dare I say, ‘customer service?? I wanted to personalise my current xbox controller without having to buy a whole new one, novateel I struggle to find covers for my phone type which I wanted to customise and this site suited both these needs for an excellent price!


Stick won’t connect; stick does connect but then mysteriously disconnects; stick overheats.

Novatel Wireless U998 Turbo Stick

We got the Bell stick in Jan I’ve held up my end of the agreement, even paying ahead u989 I still have the bad turbo stick. It is 2x more expensive then the dial-up, some of it my fault for not taking the novatel u998 out of the computer. Evidently the times on novatel u998 bills are “world time” not sure what that is but the service guy told me that the times reflected on movatel bill are 3 hr later than what is posted. I think it’s a scam for them to charge you a big fee.

novatel u998 Figured the unlimited access would start at my next billing cycle, Wrong. Already shelled out to purchase the POS. They ask me novatel u998 there are trees around my house. I replaced with Bell U 4 weeks ago with excellent results – much better speeds.

Repeat the last nvoatel for 3. I have novatel u998 nothing but problems, and have been told its my location!! Novatel Wireless U – Novatel u998 device?

He seemed genuinely surprised at the amount of dissatisfaction and the the intensity of the anger.


PS a one star rating is still too high. Skins provide low profile protection with no bulk and protects your Novatel Novatel u998 U from scratches. Please enter your email address.

Never did anything different on my computer but now I hardly use even one gb. But for some reason this Turbostick gets nothing but a low signal. Returned device again novatel u998 achieved speeds of 3.

Orange Crush Novatel Wireless U Skin | iStyles

Please enter your email address. Reviewed on Sunday April 8, by RonSpringhill. Newsletter Sign up to get latest news novatrl exclusive discounts: So, go back and re-read this, then call Bell and follow my directions.

You should complain right up to the highest manager and tell them you will take this to novatel u998 Better Business Bureau. I called the bell support and was told I needed to upgrade to the 4.