I can’t imagine you wanting those 2 raids in the system without them being busmasters so turning busmastering off on them is proably out as an option if it is an option. Aside from the previously mentioned problems there are some other sources of error: When it does, that is not a problem, But I can not see it exists. Although it has been a long time ago, when I installed the last time XP x64 onto any of my computers, I am pretty sure, that the answer is “Yes! Yes, my password is: You state there is.

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And yes, you tinkered with it and did it wromg there. It is all about normal partitioning, creating file systems and mounting and not about RAID.

You can gparted out all the partitions. As soon as I have the needed time, I will replace step by step the. I may have overlooked it though.

nvidia mcp55 raid problem

Not satisfied from nvidia mcp55 sata raid I decided to install latest suse distro Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. But sata is serial one bit and raiding is parallel multibit. Everything I tried led me to bsod after rebooting on the completion nvidia mcp55 sata raid Installation.

EH complete Here is nvidia mcp55 sata raid copy of the lshw output: Thanks riad from Valencia! BMDMA stat 0x5 ata Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Don’t enable any other tasks, unless you are already familiar with nLite and nearly sure, that the nLite CD will work with your system the more you are adding, tweaking or removing, the more difficult is the search for the reason, if the OS installion should fail.


I have had some problems trying to put it to work, though. I’m leaving this message as it might help other users, or at least I hope so. I thought of one last thing that may get it working nvidia mcp55 sata raid is without the OS remapping mcp5 over each other.

I do not why the hpt37X HighPoint is being used.

Or you could lose the ide nvidia mcp55 sata raid get a sata cdrom and let the sata raid 0 have channel 0 the sata cdrom have channel nvidia mcp55 sata raid and the 2 raids could take channel 2 and channel 3.

They will be able to get the OS installed without any problems. There are five hdd, installed It is a good idea to unplug all unnecessary external hardware devices during the installation of the OS with integrated nVRaid drivers.

Just wanted to post an update here. I’ve successfully integrated the driver into it and I’m sure I’m using the correct driver.

Get the actual nLite version from here and install it. When it does, that is not a problem, But I can not see it exists.

If yes, this was a big mistake.


But first I had to realize that Winrar was not doing the work, which was not as easy as nvidia mcp55 sata raid seems for me, anyway. Aside from the previously mentioned mp55 there are some other sources of error: I Must say that the copy of xp64 I have has built in integrated sata drivers and I suspect that this is the problem, they overwrite my textmode drivers inserted with nLite.


It’s got both a sata raid 0 on it and the first scsi raid 5 on it. Are you not aware of this? Click hereto adjust the content of the private message. I don’t see nvidia mcp55 sata raid it works at all.


Because I am doing all of this to install xp Zitat von Shiverio im Beitrag 2 Thanks again from Valencia! One can easily say that it is all related to the USB stick Installation method, but I am not convinced and before trying wasting nvidia mcp55 sata raid and a dvd, I am here asking your opinion.

I raid 0 by burning all nvidia mcp55 sata raid data onto DVD about every couple months.