Basically you have to use your LOCAL address for the camera when you are on the local network and use your viewnetcam address when you are trying to access your camera from another location on the Internet. See any errors on this page? June 13, at You might be able to see what the IP address is from there. Note to other Mac users using Parallels. Built-In Microphone A built-in microphone provides one-way voice communication to a PC user over the network.

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That seems very odd Tony.

Unfortunately the older Panasonic models used this but the new models, this camera included, uses ActiveX only for audio. Panasonic bl c131 my local net is April 23, at 9: Panaosnic help will be really appreciated.

The sensor is different to the LEDs. You can allow anonymous access to the camera meaning anyone who knows the address URL will be able to view the live image from the camera as soon as they login in. I even changed SSID on the router, and have powered it off and on about panasonic bl c131 times as part of this process!

Your ISP will assign your broadband connection a unique public address and this is used to locate your camera over the internet. May 27, at 8: June 15, at 2: Or you can turn anonymous access off default setting which means a viewer pabasonic have to log in to the camera before they will see a panasonic bl c131 image.


For more information panasonic bl c131 port-forwarding see our article here: For added versatility, this camera features an on-board Ethernet port for direct connection to your network hub.

So if i read this correctly, if you are on a Mac the audio features are not able to be used.

On Test: Panasonic BL-C

This helps reduce interference and also helps some devices connect to certain brands of routers. Do you have any panasonic bl c131 as to where the problem could lie? This can also be done remotely over the network on a system administrator level. July 3, at 5: Sorry should have been more specific, I meant noise as panasonic bl c131 a crackling sound on the Audio side.

I have issues with the one-way audio for blc I have in the pase, had programmed positions, but now I have deleted them.

This is because of NAT loopback. May 16, at 4: One event based on motion and one based on heat detection. This is also only supported using the ActiveX control so will only work on Windows machines using IE6. From there you can give the camera a suitable IP address for your network.


It may come panasonic bl c131 handy for future use or any other Mac users out there: Privacy Mode Button To ensure that your privacy is not compromised, you can easily take the camera off the network panasonic bl c131 pressing a button directly on the camera. Please read the guide on port forwarding here: Yes, virtualizing Windows on my Intel Mac would allow this panasonic bl c131 is bll what i want to do. We found that this procedure was improved and is even more user friendly than before.

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I changed it back to what it was originally, and can now see the camera locally again. This will trigger the camera to capture images which can panasonic bl c131 sent over the network to an Email address or to an FTP server. Try changing the channel and see if that works.