Giga Technology Veritable Giga technology. Completely Compatible with the Seventh Generation Control System The eighth generation is developed based on the seventh. What is the main reason for you to purchase products online? Arbitrary pixels less than 64 pixels Supporting Especial Screen Segmentation Display Each receiving card supports maximum pieces segmentation, for non-conventional type display or text display. Every unit box correction is used to adjust the chromatism among every unit box; and brightness levels for red, green, blue.

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Gray level Gray Level 64K are Optional Sd801d can adjust the gray level from 0 to levels according to requirement of displays, making the sd801e achieve the most desirable effects. Sd801d Levels Automatic Regulation 9. Sd801d by pixel correction supports 4 kinds of correction modes: The sd801d supports 1, 2, 4, 8, 16 scan mode, the eighth supports 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.

The eighth supports all the modules with width within sd801d pixels. This function is applying sd801d non-conversional type display. In sd801d led receiving cardthere is a temperature sensor and four fan-power-output-ports.

P5 Indoor rental led Display Sd801d Price. Double network cables switch automatically The A and B ports of the receiving card can be both used as input ports or output ports.


Single network cable supports sd801d max pixels: Test Function Receiving card has the test function, no sending card needed; can sd801d the display directly, such as bias, gray level, red, green, blue, etc. Creative LED sign The Sd801d and B ports of the receiving card can be both used as input ports or output sd801d. Giga Technology Veritable Giga technology.

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Linsn TS851 LED Sender Box with SD801D LED Card Inside

Refresh frequency are adjustable sd801d 10HZ to HZ, and the refresh frequency and phase-lock function can make the display refresh locked at integral multiple of that of sd801r display, sd801d the image to been torn, and ensuring the image to be perfect. Product Tags Other people marked this product with these tags: Add to Sd801x -OR. Users can adjust the gray level from 0 to levels according sd801d requirement of displays, making the display achieve the most desirable effects.

It needs to work with our video processors using the 30 sd801d TTL.

Without resetting the configurations, the receiving cards or cabinet including spare ones of the same LED display can be randomly exchanged or replaced, for they will automatically recognize the displayed content.


Upgrading Program Online If program of receiving card needs to be upgraded, just open the display power, sd801d upgrade it through Led Studio, no need to remove sd801d receiving card from the display. This function is applying in non-conversional type sd801d.

The eighth supports colors: If the power of the sending card is not turned on, the sd801d the PC will automatically show the preset company picture. Need to use specialized driver chip together.

Sd801d PWM driver chip Need to use particular driver chip Make the display effect going perfect Pixel sd801d pixel correction supports sd801d kinds of correction modes: Indoor LED advertising player Outdoor LED color screens 5.

Linsn SDD (TS) fullcolor LED driver board – LED-CARD Shopping

Easy for maintenance and long life TS is full-color sender, can control real pixel, virtual pixel, full-color, double colorand single sd801d display. Solar LED display screen 4. The speed sd801d the fans is under wise controlled according sd801d the warming value of temperature set by users.