10 Easy Ways to Get More Instagram Likes

Minakel2003 / Pixabay Less than two years ago, Instagram announced that they would start relying on a sorting algorithm to determine what content was and was not displayed to users. The algorithm would display content that Instagram’s machine-learning system predicted would receive the highest engagement….

ABC Cancelling Marvel’s Inhumans? What It Means

ABC Cancels Marvel’s Inhumans? What It Means ABC/IMAX ABC has not announced the cancellation, but it seems like the network quietly cut ties with Marvel’s Inhumans after one season. The series released to critical panning with the adaptation of Marvel’s prize comic series, failing into…

Kiernan Shipka Nabs Lead Role In ‘Sabrina’ On Netflix; But Will Not Be Spinoff Of ‘Riverdale’

Kiernan Shipka has been announced for the lead role of teenage witch Sabrina from the Archie Comics title in Netflix’s upcoming series “Sabrina.” Shipka will play Sabrina Spellman, an empowered and occasionally reckless young woman who is half-human, half-witch and is just beginning her dark…

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