The Facebook Algorithm: The Basics and How to Work With It

geralt / Pixabay Like all algorithms, Facebook’s collects a certain amount of data and analyzes it before stabilizing performance and delivering the best results. So, while your ad sets are in this “learning phase,” you may see fluctuations in performance, which might make it tempting…

How to Motivate Employees to Go Above and Beyond

sasint / Pixabay You hire employees to do a certain job, to carry out certain tasks, to handle key responsibilities—and when your employees do all those things (and do them well), you can call it a win. But when employees go the extra mile—putting in…

Recruiters: What Your LinkedIn Profile Says About You

As a recruiter who scans dozens of CVs every day, you’ll know how important certain keywords are in identifying the right candidates. You’ll also be used to seeing candidates use the same words like ‘passionate’, ‘strategic’, and ‘driven’ over and over again to describe themselves….

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