5 Ways New Tech is Transforming Employees into Influencers

CMOs must adapt to a modern marketing environment that has changed dramatically through new technologies and channels. Part of this transformation includes acknowledging marketing expertise, competencies, and capabilities around the workforce. For CMOs, the new influencers are their own people in teams across their company….

How To Launch Your Brand With Influencers: 3 Real Life Examples

One way brands can enter the market today and slowly make their way to the top has changed significantly with the rise of social media. Influencer marketing has become the go-to strategy for young brands. Fitness food expert Foodspring, sustainable watches vendor Kerbholz, and jewelry…

Instagram Is Changing How We Shop Online: Here’s How

Instagram has changed the fashion industry over the last eight years, making lines easier to push by reaching a broader audience. The social media platform relies on pictures and video, so it’s perfect for building your fashion business by showing potential customers your product and…

How Changing Technology Has Catapulted Business Productivity

Business has changed a lot in the last few decades—so much so, that it sometimes feels funny to draw comparisons between the 1980s and 2018. You might wonder how people ever got anything done, especially when you look at how weak technology was back then….

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