How to Train Your Chatbot and Make the Most of It

Every industry has become consumer-focused in present world. The idea is always how to improve customer delight. We have customer support agents working 24/7 for us and providing support for different services and products. With time, a business tries to work in a smarter way….

Resolve to Connect Customer Service To Other Teams in 2018

Source: The critical importance of customer service has become increasingly clear to companies across industries. A survey by Forbes magazine found over half of respondents (59%) reported a bad experience caused them to stop buying from a company. On a more positive note, Bain…

How to Keep Employees Engaged with Your Business

12019 / Pixabay We talk about customer engagement all the time. But what about keeping your employees engaged? While you definitely want to make sure your audience remains interested in your brand, it’s also important to encourage employee engagement. Otherwise, you could end up floundering…

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