A Step-by-Step Guide to Creating Engaging Emails for Your eCommerce Brand

Often overlooked, email marketing can be a game-changer if used correctly. Surveys indicate that it can drive up to four times higher ROI than other channels like social media. Part of the reason why this platform is so effective is that potential customers are already…

4 Tips to Becoming a Killer Data-Driven Marketer

At a recent conference, I spoke with a young email marketer who was relatively fresh to the job. He told me he had heard other speakers talk about using data to enhance email programs and wanted to know where the best place to start was….

5 A/B Testing Tips for Click-Worthy Subject Lines

Nearly half of email recipients decide whether to open or discard an email based on the subject line alone. If your subject lines aren’t compelling, they could be overlooked, ignored or (gasp) sent straight to the trash. How can you be sure you’re getting through…

How to Grow Your Email List (It’s Easier Than You Might Think)

Asking for an email address can feel like pulling teeth. People hold onto their email addresses like gold. They fear handing it over to companies because they don’t want to be bombarded with sales offers or promotional emails that aren’t interesting. Instead, they want value….

4 Email Marketing Mistakes You Might Be Making

Successful email marketing tips and tricks are everywhere, yet even with the plentiful resources and the availability of marketing software, mistakes can still be made. The little–but sometimes big–mistakes are often avoidable. Take a look at these 4 mistakes businesses commonly make when building and…

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