Change Career Paths, Change Your Life: How These Decentralized Solutions are Bringing New Learning and Career Options to the Masses

Education after high school or college is crucial. Adults need to learn too, after all; learning and growing cannot be confined to the ages between zero and 24. Access to personal and professional development opportunities can affect the kinds of jobs people get and the…

SAP’s Guide to Attracting Graduates and Generation Z

This week we’ll learn how a legacy tech company with a bit of a reputational issue turned itself into a talent attraction magnet with the help of their employees. We sit down with Jenn Prevoznik is the Head of Early Talent Acquisition at SAP and…

Meghan Markle Watching ‘The Crown’ To Learn Royal Etiquette Ahead Of Prince Harry Marriage Is False

Meghan Markle watching “The Crown” on Netflix to learn royal etiquette is fake news. There is no truth to a report that Markle who is engaged to Prince Harry is watching the popular Netflix show to help her learn more about royal etiquette and protocol….

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