How to Train Your Chatbot and Make the Most of It

Every industry has become consumer-focused in present world. The idea is always how to improve customer delight. We have customer support agents working 24/7 for us and providing support for different services and products. With time, a business tries to work in a smarter way….

The One Thing HR Doesn’t Want To Have To Talk To You About [Infographic]

As a business professional your appearance matters. It shouldn’t matter but it does. How you present yourself says a lot about your goals and ambitions as well as the respect you have for your job and your coworkers and clients. We all know you shouldn’t…

How to Motivate Multi-Generational Teams

Diversity makes your team stronger—yet it can also present its own set of challenges. Generational diversity is especially difficult to manage. While there are limitations to the sweeping statements and broad inferences to be made about Boomers, Gen Xers, etc., the simple truth is that…

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