5 PR Crisis Lessons from the Tide Pod Challenge

Image source: Mike Mozart via Flickr A PR crisis typically involves employee mistakes or malfeasance, natural or manmade disasters, or regulatory actions. The Tide Pod Challenge demonstrated how young consumers intentionally misused a company’s product and created yet another kind public relations dilemma. In the…

32 Mobile App Marketing Pre-Launch Activities You Shouldn’t Overlook

The pre-launch phase is arguably the most important step in the app marketing process. Typically, the first phases of your mobile app marketing strategy should focus on brand awareness and visibility. Here’s how you can you successfully market your mobile app to your target demographic….

A 5-Minute B2B Website Audit

The last few weeks of December typically includes prepping for new projects in 2018. If launching a new B2B web design for your firm is a top priority in 2018, now is the time to do a quick audit of your existing website. Here are…

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