Texas Blind White Man Filing For Divorce After Learning His Wife Of 32 Years Is Black Is Fake News

A blind man in Texas filing for divorce after learning that his wife is black is fake news. There is no truth to a report that an Austin, Texas, man divorced his wife of 32 years because he only now discovered that she was African-American….

Texas Man Accused Of Raping A Cow Claiming It Is Reincarnation Of His Dead Wife Is Fake News

A Texas man who was accused of raping a cow now claiming that the cow is the reincarnation of his dead wife is fake news. There is no truth to an outrageous report that a man had sexually molested his cow but was now alleging…

Great Brands Make Customer Service a Marketing System

geralt / Pixabay My wife and I were shopping together in our local Trader Joe’s this past weekend. I’m always amazed at the sparseness of their stores. Small footprint store, just a few shopping aisles, very few name brands, and yet, they seem to have…

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