The usability of the ViviCam digital camera is far superior to the PhotoSmart A notable feature for video-clip enthusiasts is the fact that V video clips are not limited to a pre-determined duration such as 30 or 60 seconds. I praise Vivitar on the use of flash memory in this camera. In addition to outstanding digital still images, the V also has a movie mode allowing for the capture of movie clips. Sample images from the V can be viewed and downloaded from the V image gallery beginning in March at:

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Vivitar ViviCam MP Digital Camera – Silver | eBay

For some reason, I had a hard time getting my hands on the camera and shutter release when the hand strap is around my wrist. The ViviCam digital camera has 16 MB of built-in flash memory. The date stamp feature allows the user to put a date stamp on the bottom right of the picture. It is unfortunate, because the batteries are not secured when changing SD cards. The ViviCam specification, listed below, are taken from the packaging.

Good thing is that it can be disabled and that was the first thing that I did. The size is perfect, the density is right-on, the tonal feedback is way cool, the OSD graphics are stunning, and the image LCD is top-of-the line.

After opening the packaging and looking at the user manual, I realized that Vivitar has shipped the ViviCam B in the original packaging and did not update the original packaging to show the new specification. The V is an ideal camera for all your digital imaging needs ranging from email and web applications to images that are ready for display or print.


Could SiPix be the manufacturer, or is this being made by a third-party company perhaps Premier Image Technologies, from whom Vivitar source a number of their cameras And the camera can then be used as a file transportation device.

Vivitar ViviCam 3695 2.0MP Digital Camera – Silver

The ViviCam is a civicam digital camera targeted at entry-level camera buyers. Back to Camera Hacker. Movie Mode The ViviCam also allows the user to capture video in the movie mode. PMA Spring Show.

I have added a short clip I captured using this camera. Viewfinder The ViviCam camera does not comes with an optical viewfinder.

The battery and the SD card shares a single chamber on the side of the camera. Sample images from the V can be viewed and downloaded from the V image gallery beginning in March at: ISO White Balance: The V multi-lingual camera interface menus are available in six languages including English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, and Japanese.

Vivitar Digital Camera Vivicam User Guide |

vividam The camera, itself, is encased in silver plastic that looked quite elegant. The camera fit in the pouch snug. Although marketed to compete at entry-level, this camera has a number of intermediate features that are generally unfound on other entry-level cameras.


The movie is captured at x resolution with audio. Its 4X digital zoom is complemented with macro capability.

Instead, the viewfinder is implemented electronically through the LCD screen. The usability of the ViviCam digital camera is far superior to the PhotoSmart Traces of molding can only be viivcam if the camera is examined closely.

The V comes with 16 MB internal memory built-in to the camera. The ViviCam movie mode works well beyond those limits. Vivitar packaged this camera with some thought; the LCD screen is protected from scratch by a clear plastic film, from the factory, that can be peeled off.

Too often, the camera manufacturers assumes that since the date and time are already associated electronically with the picture file, the user will not want it stamped on the pictures themselves.

Instead of packaging the camera in square reusable cardboard boxes, Vivitar sealed this camera and accessories in clear plastic. To turn it back on, the user vivicwm have to use the “DISP” button.

As well as the higher sensor resolution, there’s a wider-angle fixed focus lens, more powerful digital zoom and at 16MB, double the built-in memory.