Tell us what’s missing. Indicates your current connected network. Click Security Setting button to make different security configurations of wirelesscommunication, and you can choose the authentication type or encryption type. Click Rescan to update and refresh. The ZEW does not work properly. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Then close your PC.

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This function willgreatly improve the data transfer rate between WMM-enabled wireless devices. Shows link status and its transmit power3. Right click the icon and choose Switch to AP Mode, the tray icon will change toand the soft AP configuration Utility window will appear as below.

Delete an existing credential. Installation procedures will sonet similar for other windows operating systems.

TroubleShootingThis chapter provides solutions to zoet that may occur during the installation andoperation of ZEW The public name of a wireless network, Service Set IDentifierc. Or click Cancel to cancel the 802.1. By using the reflection signal, Power on the PC. To configure the wireless connect properties, please right click the wireless icon inthe system tray and choose Status zont open the page Wireless NetworkConnection Status.


Click Next to accept the Agreement. Select the device manager and click onthe Network Adapter. The type selected here must be identical to the type of the Click Properties button in General page and choose the tab Wireless Networks toadd the SSID of available network by clicking Add, if there are several availablenetworks, linking priority could be configured by the button Move up and Movedown.

Browse CD and double-clicksetup. Without the permission ofZonet Technology Inc.

Suggest using with anAccess Point that has the same technology. Then close your PC. Shows the current connected channel4.

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You will find ZEW if it is installed successfully. Your manual failed to upload Input the domain name of Unlike ordinary wireless networking of Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Export all credentials to Profile.

Copyright of the whole product as integration, including itsaccessories and software, belongs to Zonet Technology Inc.


You will see a tray iconappear in your system tray at the bottom of the screen afterthe software and hardware installation completed successfully. All the products andproduct names mentioned herein are the trademarks or registered trademarks of theirrespective holders.

The iconshows the current linked AP. The wizard will run and install all necessaryfiles to your computer automatically. Indicates your current connected network. Snap-shot screens of the following installation procedure are based on WindowsXP.

Click Rescan to update and refresh. Direct Link Setup Enable: Tell us about it. Update information on surrounding wireless network.