Cases were made from a silicone rubber. See all 2 brand new listings. Microsoft’s Zune is my first digital media player and I am glad to say that I am quite pleased with it’s features. Great Media Player Microsoft’s Zune is my first digital media player and I am glad to say that I am quite pleased with it’s features. With new software updates, Zune is finally usable The zune is basically like the Ipod Video with a larger screen. The Zune itself was a decent price. Archived from the original PDF on

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Archived from the original on The sound is great, you can actually hear the differences between the equalization settings. The equalizer gives you about 11 different presets, personally I know my husband would rather be able to manually set and adjust a default preset.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player

I got some speakers last winter and tested them out and sounded good. MX31 Multimedia Applications Processors”. The Halo 30g Zune came in either dark brown or black, and featured a Halo symbol on the back. This item doesn’t belong on this page.

Microsoft Zune 30 GB Repair

Oh and you do have the ability to download games for free as well, its only like 5 of them but definatly worth it. The vibrant, colorful LCD 3-inch screen with a maximum resolution of by pixels will make your media look clear and vivid.

Cesar Menendez from the Microsoft Zune team confirmed Pink Zune availability around mid-May for a limited edition production run ofunits. The sound is nothing remarkable, slightly less pronounced than the Zen, but still acceptable. I hope they change it soon or some third-party support comes out soon.


With so many different options, the Microsoft Zune 30 ensures that you have your media when and where you need it. Thanks to the Zune’s elegant 30fb, it is easier than ever to play your favorite music and videos. It was easy to setup and the Zune software is fairly easy to use.

Microsoft Zune 30 Black (30 GB) Digital Media Player | eBay

I was expecting Microsoft to Windowize it with icons and embed the face of Windows Media Player everywhere. Skip to main content. People who bought this also bought. Battery life is quite nice too, I was using a Zunr, showing it off to friends and family for almost 12 hours straight with no breaks and it went down to about half.

The only complaint I have is that if I have a bunch of misc music in a folder, i. Pictures has the standard set up, where you browse through thumbnails and select what you want to zyne screen.

Another example of Zune’s processor is the very minor and quick loading pause when playing long videos. Simply create a playlist and curate your music. I guess I just need to make more playlists. I wanted my music and to play it. If you do not want other people to see your Zune device, then you can turn off the wireless function or adjust the privacy settings in the menu. Apple iPod Classic gb 7th Gen Black Microsoft’s Zune is my first digital media player and I am glad to say that I am quite pleased with it’s features.


Microsoft ‘DEMO’ Zune 30GB Black Digital Media Player JS

The Zune 30 is a portable media player developed by Microsoftand the first hardware device in Microsoft’s Zune brand. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. Videos have a similar listing, with a thumbnail, name and basic info for each video you have on there.

Blue and were designed uzne feel like something that came from the game. The firmware on the 30 zuje Zune needed to be updated upon completion of the install of the software. I watched a couple episodes of Robot Chicken on the train and it was just as great of an experience as watching it at home, just got a few crazy looks from people after laughing. The bug also froze up Toshiba Gigabeat S media players that shared the same Freescale device and driver.

Live concert footage, videos, images and other music were also included. Playing videos through my wasn’t so great, xune was extremely pixelated, but since I’ll be rarely using that feature, that doesn’t bother me much.