di Laurentino The Flight of the Emperor, subtitled How a Weak Prince, a Mad Queen, and the British Navy Tricked Napoleon and. Laurentino Gomes (born in Maringá, Paraná) is a Brazilian journalist and writer. He is best known as the author of the trilogy of books that cover the history of Brazil and Portugal during the 19th century. He has already released two of the three books: , about the transfer of. Nonfiction by Laurentino Gomes At the end of the summer of , exactly years ago, an unusual event took place as the inhabitants of Rio de Janeiro.

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They built roads, schools and factories, opened up Brazilian ports to trade with other countries and united quarreling colonial provinces. Through short, cinematic chapters, Gomes successfully sets up a jigsaw puzzle in which each piece fits right into the preceding one. Os relatos parecem inver PT O primeiro livro de uma triologia sobre como o Brasil foi formado. May 05, Maria Petrova rated it it was amazing. Jun 05, Cristina rated it really liked it.

O autor foi cuidadoso e primoroso na escrita.

On the eve of the arrival of the Portuguese court in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil was just a large laurengino in service of Portugal, without any notion of national identity. Jan 24, Sibele De Lima rated it really liked it.

The references are really amazing the author writes very well. In the space of just one and a half decades, Brazil went from being a backward, ignorant colony to an independent nation. Prussian Von Leithold said that even top-class prostitutes—”of which there are many”—proudly paraded their convoys through the streets. It was also his responsibility to police the streets, issue passports, keep an eye on foreigners, inspect the sanitary conditions of slave holding areas, and provide housing for the new inhabitants that the city received with the arrival of the court.

This book took it several steps back and it was interesting to see how Portugal was so much in the hands of the British. PT O primeiro livro de uma triologia sobre como o Brasil foi formado. As explorers mapped the burgeoning nation’s distant regions, the prince authorized the construction of roads, the founding of schools, and the creation of factories, raising Brazil to kingdom status in No trivia or quizzes yet.


Meanwhile, the court lived comfortably in sultry Rio de Janeiro.

The Flight of the Emperor : Laurentino Gomes :

Not only because of concerns for communication but also because of smuggling of diamonds out of the country. Era tratado como algo normal. Apr 04, Caio Macedo rated it liked it Shelves: It came from far away, from distances of up to one thousand kilometers. Views Read Edit View history. I only wish there were more testimonies about this fascinating time in Brazil’s history. They are the post-mortem inventories of two doctors, listing their assets.


Those who didn’t have their own private servants gommes them for holy days and mass. Shepherded by the indomitable British navy, the trans-Atlantic voyage was fraught with challenges for the Portuguese ruler and his retinue, who faced the ever-present risk of disease.

The residents’ urine and feces, collected during the night, was taken the next morning to be dumped into the sea by slaves, who carried large barrels of sewage on their backs. Esperei quase 2 anos para ler este livro. On one side, there was a European monarchy, stooping under lahrentino weight of long velvet coats, shoes with buckles, silk tights, wigs, and decorations, clothes too heavy and dark for the scalding sun of the tropics.

View all 3 comments. One thing that I’ve read about since being in Brazil is Anglo cultural invasion into Brazil both British and America First, the version I read was in Portuguese, which makes sense after all because I live in Brazil and the book is about the Portuguese royal family fleeing from Napoleon’s invading army.

The different provinces were more or less autonomous, with no trade or any other kind of relationship with one another, and the only point of reference was the Portuguese government, whose seat was in Lisbon, on the other side of laurentin Atlantic.

The old, poorly-equipped Portuguese ships and frigates were brimming vomes people. The result of ten years of research, is a veritable guidebook through all the events that formed part of this little-known episode of history.


In Rua Direita became the first street to have numbered houses and two-way traffic with designated lanes.

– Words Without Borders

Viana’s police officers were relentless and truculent. The Gazeta do Rio de Janeirothe first newspaper published in Brazil, went into circulation on September 10,printed on machines imported from England. It took two months in cramped, decrepit ships. These first advertisements included horses and carriages for hire, land and homes for sale, and certain basic services such as lessons in catechism, Portuguese, history, and geography. A strong wind was blowing in from the ocean to alleviate the suffocating heat.

Apr 18, Gabriel Abath rated it it was amazing. According to goomes Englishman Luccock, at the time the city had 4, homes, with an average of 15 people living in each.

Retrieved 27 May Countless factories began to spring up all over the country. Invaded by 1880 shacks starting inthe area is now occupied by the favela of Vidigal, vomes enjoys a privileged view of the beaches of Ipanema and Leblon. Very well written book, with important information about Brazilian history.

I heard that there is some debate behind this book. In the early nineteenth century, the city that took in the Portuguese royal family was a major port of call, where practically every ship leaving Europe and the United States stopped before continuing on to Asia, Africa and the recently discovered lands of the South Pacific.

Accessed on 22 September After the independence, Brazil becomes gomss empire and Dom Pedro its first emperor. The king made it a priority to transfer the bulk of the Royal Library to the new continent. To China, to days. Until then, no European monarch had ever set foot in the Americas.