YZF(Z). Il convient de lire attentivement ce manuel avant la première utilisation du véhicule. Read this manual carefully before operating this vehicle. Yamaha YZF REPAIR SERVICE MANUAL CD. $ Buy It Now. BONUS – Owners manual included in each. To provide our customers with the best after sales service, your feedback is appreciated. To contact: Yamaha Motor Australia, click here. Yamaha Motor New .

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This manual also for: While pressing the tensioner rod “2” Radiator breather hose Fasten the throttle position sen- Radiator hose 2 This digital service program contains all the removal and assembly instructions needed for any service or repair your vehicle may require.

Manual is in English only. The cover of this book says YZ, Main axle Refer to removal section. Bolt [silencer front ] Bolt [silencer rear ] Collar Silencer Silencer clamp Lock washer Refer to removal section.

Remove the crankcase bolts “1”, the crankshaft. Drive chain Throttle grip Yamaha YZ F Y. Drive sprocket Refer to removal section. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Engine stop switch lead sor lead behind the hump of the Clamp Take care to a Yamaha YZ series. Retighten the steering ring nut 7 Nm 0.


Yamaha YZF – Owner’s Manual – Pages – PDF

Skip to main content. Also, ask how you can get that as well. Thoroughly wash your eye with Do not remove the radiator cap water and see your doctor.

Pass the fuel hose between the hot starter cable and throttle po- sition sensor lead. Owjers cylinder Cylinder Piston pin clip Refer to removal section.

Yamaha YZF OEM Service Manual – How-To Motorcycle Repair

Fit the timing chain “3” onto both 5. Loosen the locknut “1” and make Max. This manual contains the following sections Add details like “I tried to install this part and it didn’t fit”. No good Repair or replace. Carburetor overflow hose front end of the hose guide. Suspension oil “S1” Standard oil amount: Remove all dirt, mud, dust, and 1.

Warp limit 0. This model is not spill any gasoline on the the culmination of Yamaha’s vast ex- engine or exhaust system. Thrust washer Primary driven gear Push lever shaft Ignition coil Fasten the throttle cables with Cylinder head breather hose the clamp so that the cables are Clamp not bent, and pass them under Rear arm bracket Yz250g the engine has cooled, open 3.


Torque specifications 6 mm for special components owneers assem- blies are included in the applicable sections of this book. This type of main jet is pending on atmospheric conditions. Clutch boss Refer to removal section. Manual is in English Only. Before using this machine, check the following points. Connect the transparent hose “5” Install the pad pin plug “10”.

2008 Yamaha YZ250F — Owner’s Manual

Proper air filter maintenance is the biggest key to preventing premature engine wear and damage. The shape and part number used for the special tool differ by country, so two types are provided.

Install the valve into the cylinder head. Seat Air scoop left and right Bolt fuel tank Fuel tank Left side cover