A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta by Mahasi Sayadaw deals mainly with contentment since it is essential to spiritual development. Download. I will gradually improve it. still have many defects.x A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta A Burmese word used frequently in the Sayādaw’s discourses is the. Sallekha Sutta has 1 rating and 1 review: Published by Buddhadhamma Foundation, pages, Paperback.

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Concentration on breathing may last five or ten minutes, while absorption may continue for a few hours. Then the old woman lost her balance, collapsed, and was moaning and panting for breath. It is hard for those who have sexual desire to practise chastity. One can avoid the dangerous road and the dangerous harbour by going along the safe road and by using the safe harbour.

He was also able to teach effectively both Buddhist thought and Buddhist practice. In Sri Lanka, a man named Cakkana went out to catch a rabbit because a physician had recommended rabbit flesh as food for his sick mother.

A physical or mental event that escapes our notice leaving us unaffected at the time, may make us ill-tempered when it is recalled. Once, five hundred monks meditated in the forest according to the instructions of the Buddha. Among them are both men and women who have had a specially clear insight into the nature of phenomenal existence. Further, he was the Questioner Pucchakathat is, he had to ask the questions concerning the respective canonical texts that were to be recited.

What is then the karmic cause of the grief of the parents over the loss of their short-lived child?

A Discourse on the Sallekha Sutta ebook pdf by Mahasi Sayadaw

There he relieved her of all the jewellery and decided to kill her. The king was five years younger than the Buddha, so the queen was probably still discoursee her early thirties, and due to her narcissistic vanity she had no desire to hear the Dhamma.

The supreme soul is infinitely great and pervades the whole universe and so the self too is infinitely great. There are many stories in the Commentaries to show the karmic effect of killing. The karmic rewards are: He, too, offered food to the remaining five bhikkhus, but sallekhha refused to eat and continued practising the Dhamma.


Likewise, only the man who has disciplined himself, trained himself in the threefold division of the Noble Eightfold Discourxe and extinguished the fires of defilements will be able to help another man in regard to discipline, mental development, and extinction of defilements. He has intense joy, bliss, and tranquillity, thus his meditation is somewhat like the second absorption with its three attributes. Such indulgence causes the degradation of chastity.

He was one of the final editors of the canonical texts, which were recited and thereby approved, in the sessions of the Council. According thw other people, the self is not the human body, but includes the body. These dragons are bigger than a man. In the same way we must be mindful of other sensations that result from hearing, smelling, tasting, touching, and thinking.

Catalog Record: Sallekha sutta : a discourse on the | Hathi Trust Digital Library

According to the Jains, a man who eats the flesh of an animal that he knows has been killed for his food, will have to bear half the karmic consequence of killing. He had hhe composed by poets and sung by minstrels, songs that paid a glowing tribute to the splendour of the Bamboo Grove. Could he now make that elephant trumpet and rush towards him?

This illusion is shared even by those who can describe body, mind, and its elements analytically, but who have not reflected correctly. The fourth was the wandering ascetic Sabhiya who asked the Buddha some questions and became an Arahant.

Sallekha Sutta: A Discourse on the Refinement of Character

Unmindfulness may give rise to the desire to kill, steal, etc. On hearing the discourse, all of the monks became Arahants. Formerly, it was delightful just to enjoy the sight of its flowers and trees. Then there is the view that the physical body depends on the self just like the scent of a flower depending on the flower. The meditator regards them as neither pleasant nor unpleasant, still less as something that will arouse the desire to do misdeeds. At this meditation centre, the meditators practise constant mindfulness to overcome defilements.


In this way, they can enhance their chastity and make it immaculate.

Sallekha Sutta : A Discourse on the Refinement of Character

It also raises the question of whether the bhikkhus should eat the meat-curry offered on such occasions. His mind is invulnerable to unwholesome thoughts and he is always free from the defilement of killing. These seven minor sexual acts may be committed by a bhikkhu as well as by Buddhist laity who observe the eight precepts. After some time, they eradicate it completely.

The recluse or brahmin is pleased to hear the woman laughing, crying, talking, or singing. Such latent defilements lie dormant in us. To avoid meeting the Buddha, the queen went there while the Buddha was going the usual round for collecting food.

Some people regard the physical body as a self, ego, or soul atta. Although they lived for 20, years they did not get bored and never thought of marriage, discoudse practised celibacy happily.

Neither contact with a sense object nor any recollection of it makes him angry. It involved the ritual killing of a sheep, performance of sacrifice and feasting.

Yet, people who kill for their own survival are greatly afraid of death. May my mother recover from her illness because of the truth of what I say! It would be abandoned at the cemetery just as people take away only sound timber for making chairs, beds, and so forth, and leave the useless logs in sallelha forest. Some killers may be reborn in the human or celestial realms by virtue of their overwhelming wholesome deeds.

The meditator has an indescribable feeling of ecstasy pervading his whole body.