A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Born in , Albert Facey lived the rough frontier life of a sheep farmer. A Fortunate Life [A.B. Facey] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. With Bill Kerr, Dorothy Alison, Dale Randall, John Ley. Four part biopic about classic Australian author A.B. Facey (). Born in a large impoverished.

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He was looked after by his grandmother until he was eight years old, when he went out to work.

It’s truly inspiring, and I think that’s why the book is so popular, especially with Australian readers, I suspect. The author recounts the events of faccey life from the late 19th century through to This moving memoir, in plain, early 20th century Australian vernacular, was written by a man who was illiterate until his late teens, published when the author was in his eighties, and instantly acclaimed, bringing him national fame in the very last months of his life.

An engaging read and quite the history lesson. Born forttunate in Victoria, Albert Facey faced many and varied challenges right from the get go.

An Aussie friend down here told afcey it’s a very famous book in Australia He’s an english teacher and recommended to everyone else at our lunch table. Thanks for telling us about the problem. Sep 17, Suzanne rated it really liked it Shelves: They are for use by the media to accompany articles, essays, interviews and reviews relevant to the specific title.

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey | Queensland Reviewers Collective

The optimism and positivity that made him deem his life fortunate is evident throughout the narrative. This edition has been specially adapted for young readers.

Bert 14 years 2 episodes, Dominic Sweeney They had a challenging existence, they worked hard and they had a bigger sense of family and community than we do today. When his grandmother became a widow, and with no such thing as welfare, she did fafey only smart thing and emigrated to Western Australia to be with the extended family. Jane Carr born – diedand three of his six older siblings: How much things cost and how they were done fortnuate be a revelation to present day readers.

Full Cast and Fortunste. I congratulate whichever publisher somehow overcame the usually insurmountable affectation for over-conscious writerliness, fortunnate persevered long enough to become honestly engaged by this remarkable story. Then becomes a boxing hero It has now returned to its native roots, Western Australia, to be cared for by Fremantle Press once more. But honestly, although the author presents a lot of interesting information about early 20th century Western Australia, I was distracted by his writing his story as if he had kept an extremely detailed journal since the age of four.


What happens though is that at each stage in his life, AB or Bertie finds something to like about the people he’s with and learns a new skill that can serve him somewhere else.

Abandoned by his mother at age 4, he was raised by his grandmother in the goldfields of western Australia. What makes it such a great read is that it contains so many details of everyday life in an era devoid lie the convenience of electronics, live day appliances and fast, convenient travel and communication.

A Fortunate Life was a mini series based on the novel, which screened in on the Nine Network. His father died on the Goldfields of Western Australia in of typhoid fever and Albert’s mother left her children to the care of their grandmother shortly afterwards.

This is a profound account of Australian life that illustrates aspects of the genesis of what was our national character, which with the cosseting effect of our subsequent material wealth forged by ancestors just such as Bert Facey has eroded into an effete, self-interested petulance, exemplified at its cheating worst today in our sledging ‘sporting heroes’ and the venality of our politicians.

Eric Facey 3 episodes, Anthony Richards His having been instilled with integrity and determination by the grandmother he remained devoted to until her death atBert’s wits and character carried him through many amazing adventures and abuses around post-colonial Western Australia, in which he learned all there is to know about horseriding, shooting, sheep- and fortunste, wheat farming, housebuilding and bushcraft, until WW1, whereupon, as a strapping six-footer and amateur sideshow boxing champion, he enlisted and was landed at Gallipoli, which he survived for many weeks until, severely injured, he was sent home, his destiny forever changed.

A Fortunate Life by A.B. Facey

It was written as he told the stories to his family. Jock McKay 2 episodes, Maurie Ogden You are commenting using your Facebook account. This was the best book about Australia and what it means to be Australian that I have ever read. With so facry highs and a shocking number of lows and setbacks that would make most of us despair nowadays, I think.

I felt it was full of very interesting information but was written in such a way as to be extremely boring. This is a book that reminds us what is good and fine about mankind, told clean and true. For him — work is everything and the concept of not working was too foreign to his ideals.


Want to Read saving…. I’ve read many, many autobiographies, most by famous people, most quite self-conscious, many defensive. This book is told is such a matter-of-fact tone that you can also hear the old guy telling it from a rocking chair on a front porch somewhere maybe Melbourne.

When he was denied a chance at being adopted to a loving couple, I could not help feeling horrified at his biological mother’s callousness. I thoroughly recommend reading this novel!!.

A Fortunate Life

Born inand first sent to work flrtunate the age of eight, Facey lived the rough frontier life of a labourer and farmer and jackaroo, becoming lost and then rescued by Indigenous trackers, then gaining a hard-won literacy, surviving Gallipoli, raising a family through the Depression, losing a son in the Second World War, and meeting his beloved Evelyn with whom he shared nearly sixty years of marriage.

It gives you an insight and understanding of what it was like for many at this time in Australia.

He was looked after by his grandmother until he was eight years old, when he went out to work. Bert suffered the horrors of WWI where he just survived Gallipoli, being honourably discharged through injury. Australian born in the late ‘s, his mother abandoned him at just two years of age. Although an Australian story, it reminds me of stories I’ve heard from older American men who had similar experiences. Jul 03, Sally Edgerton rated it it was amazing.

Grandma Carr 3 episodes, Dale Randall IMDb’s Guide to Streaming. I have a lot more respect for those that came before me. The story is fascinating reading; not only does it detail Facey’s childhood and adulthood, it probably also details the childhood of modern Australia, of its development from outpost of a distant Empire, to independent state.

Things go from bad to worse for his family and ove Albert Facey was born around the time of Australia’s Federation. This story is filled with humanity and heart-ache. Facey’s life story, published when he was eighty-seven, has inspired many as a play, a television series, and an award-winning book that has sold over half a million copies.