Now comes, Achtung Spitfire, a sequel of sorts, that doesn’t have as many planes in it but adds a dramatic context to the campaign mode – the. Achtung Spitfire by Big Time Software recreates those days, along with the early air battles of World War II. It is the sister game to Over the. Achtung Spitfire is a wargamer’s dream. Achtung Spitfire! Review. We have no news or videos for Achtung! Spitfire. Sorry!.

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Achtung Spitfire does go chronologically beyond the Battle of Britain right up to the point in history where Over the Reich kicks in, in factbut that campaign is the heart and soul of the game. In this case airpower alone did indeed win a battle, and had a profound effect on the war. You’re Good to Go! This is accomplished by deciding how many fighters to send up, how many should be on call, and what raids merit your attention.

Juggling which pilots to send up also adds to your duties, as pilots have individual skills and suffer fatigue. Otherwise, they could stall or simply crash into the ground. Definitely not the demo. Recent Articles Universe at War: Online gameplay is possible in multiplayer mode. Players cannot do cover fire techniques in addition to being unable to advance fire towards the enemy.


This article is about the Avalon Hill spitfore game. It is a turn-based air combat game taking place during the early half of World War IIincluding fixed-wing aircraftair battles and operations by LuftwaffeRoyal Air Force and French Air Force in — Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Achtung Spitfire! Review – GameSpot

You can fly for Germany, France, or England in several campaign modes and scores of scenarios including the ability to design your own, much like the quick mission generator in Jane’s Advanced Tactical Fighters.

The prize was Britain, for if the battle in the air were lost then Operation Sealion the seaborne invasion would commence. Your task is to decide what to raid and in what force.

February 23, at 8: Only through the occupation of territory by ground forces can victory be achieved. The editors called Spitfire!

Review scores Publication Score AllGame. It is the sister game to Over the Reich, and in many ways a type of prequel. The entire game stops atwhich is between the Battle of Britain and the Invasion of Normandy. World War I Make sure you read the above link before downloading! Views Read Edit View history. The tension sometimes is simply not present “Oh no, I wonder if my panzer division can defeat your scout platoon?


Achtung! Spitfire

Spitfire Reviews PC Comments. James Bond Some planes may have to turn back due xpitfire mechanical problems.

This campaign was to the European theater what Midway was to the Achttung For the board game, see Achtung Spitfire! This realism extends to command decisions: The game uses the same flight engine and graphic user interface of Over the Reich ; granting the same amount of limited autonomy in achtunf game. October 12, at 7: Each turn represents several seconds of real-time, during which you control the maneuvers of every plane on your chosen side.

Even if you’re new to the series, the interface is one of the best seen in a wargame. As a German, you command a squadron of fighters and also have control over a group of bombers. Still it’s only a minor complaint for an otherwise excellent product. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.