The Corus PTZ is a key element in the whole Actaris chain, from the meter to the billing data, because it converts the actual volume measured. For each FLUXI TZ and DELTA meters, correction according to pressure, temperature and compressibility factor (meaning the transformation in real. CORUS is an electronic volume converter dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. It converts the actual volume measured by the gas meter to.

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Program the required parameters Keyboard or communication? The pressure sensor intends two 2 holes allowing to seal and link the sensor with the meter installation. Request the link actadis download coruus Octopus software tool by submitting this form. All pressure sensors are delivered with their own characterization coefficients 12 that must be programmed into the converter so that the accuracy required by EN can be reached over the whole pressure and temperature range.

Following the installation procedure, Corus PTZ has to be carefully closed using the four screws placed on each corner.

Our team will get back to you shortly. To avoid erroneous operations, it is recommended to read the whole operating manual before putting the CORUS into operation. Pbase, Tbase, Gas composition according formula: When such a alarm occurs: According to the European regulation, it bears the CE marking and complies with the following directives: All monthly consumptions are stamped from the gas day at the gas hour to the gas day of the next month at the gas hour.

The fixed part includes the following data: The outputs generate a pulse every time the corresponding unconverted or converted index gets increased by a value equal to the selected output pulse weight.

Period 1 second Retrans. The closing time of the volume pulse outputs can also be programmed default value is ms. This input shares the same terminals J3 and J4 and the same cable as the main LF input.


Corus PTZ manages three temperature alarms: It must be preferentially screwed to the “Pr” reference pressure tap of the meter: The non-metrological firmware can be updated in the field without stopping operations and without breaking the metrological seals MID.

This label provides the following data: Both pulse outputs are actarjs characterized by a pulse weight that can be configured to any value greater than or equal to the input pulse weight among actris. All cable glands have moreover to be tightened enough.

Itron Corus Gas Volume Converter

The Corus Gas Volume Converter is an electronic volume converter dedicated to commercial and industrial applications. The temperature measurement period is programmable from 1 to 20 seconds. Items can be selected using the ‘OK’ key. We would like to thank all our customers for your continued support over the last 5 years. When changing the battery, the battery counter has to be re-programmed so as to remove the battery alarm. It can withstand an overpressure of 1.

Its volume input is a low actairs one that can be connected to any Ex compliant gas meter that provides such information. The user can program a number of pulses Np and a duration Dp. The capacity of the interval log extends from all optional fields selected to no optional field selected.

Itron Corus Gas Volume Converter from MWA Technology

Contact us to get a quote or a custom-tailored demonstration with one of our business advisors. It is designed to calculate gas volumes under base conditions, based on a volume at metering conditions, a temperature, a pressure, a compressibility. This battery includes all protections required by intrinsic safety and cannot be changed for a different type. Status The event log has a capacity of events and cannot be reset.

When the battery reaches the end of its life, it has to be replaced according to the following procedure that ensures a non-stop operation of the product: Solenvis SL79 Itron-Corus gas volume converter.


After 2 minutes xorus no action on the keyboard, the display switches off. The data is then displayed. The presence of an optical head is magnetically detected. Enable our cloud-based energy analytics and dashboard for your gas meter readings, to discover, measure and verify savings in the premises you manage.

Select the type of alarm to be resetted: Corus PTZ can be delivered with several different LF cables, in order to comply with all existing types of meter connections. Corus PTZ belongs to a new generation of volume converters that are designed to achieve a high level of performance thanks to a powerful electronic equipment. A disc made into a magnetic material is fixed under the cover and allows the mechanical fixing of the optical head.

If the functions is activated, every time they are updated, the instantaneous flows are compared coru to: This port can be used for serial asynchronous start-stop half-duplex communications. Then, this alarm is set as long as the external supply is not present. Corus PTZ manages two conversion factor alarms: Nature of the event?

The corresponding marking is: Power up the Octopus. The generally accepted ataris conditions are: Press OK to confirm Through communication?

Collateral Access

The frequency of retransmissions indicated in the table correspond to average frequency on the 2 outputs, when both channels are configured for pulses. When the display is on, the acquisition of pressure, temperature and the calculation of compressibility and conversion factor is performed every second.

Battery Current value Mode: