Add to cart. Gift List. Scarab Occult Terminators kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Magnus the Red kr. Add to cart. Gift List. Exalted Sorcerers kr. Add to cart. Ahriman: Exile was an amazing book and his follow up, Ahriman: Sorcerer is no different. What is it about this book that was so great?. Loremasters, today we dive into the history of Ahzek Ahriman, the greatest Sorcerer of the Thousand Sons!.

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Ahriman is now firmly in control of a large Thousand Sons fleet. Surviving the various battles of the Great CrusadeAhriman found himself at the centre of the events that would lead to the fall of the Thousand Sons and their collective descent into the clutches of TzeentchChaos God of sorcery and change, during the Horus Heresy. Despite that though, Ahriman here seems to be as weak as ever, and many straight forwards spells, acts and psychic abilities seem to rapidly burn him out, with a constant emphasis upon his sorcerr state.

This faction called for the unification of all the indexes into an endlessly extending formula. Unchanged — John French Track of Words.

In his own hatred and hubris and utterly unaware of the ludicrousness of attempting to use the very energy of change to stop change, Ahriman delved into the sorcerous ahtiman held in the Book of Magnus. A short time later, Ahriman’s prodigious psychic and occult powers allowed him to foresee a rip in the Webway inadvertently caused sodcerer the Blood Ravens Librarian Rhamah near the planet Lorn V during the Chapter’s operations on that Ice World. He has heard of a secret artifact known as the Atheneum of Ahroman and believes that with it he can learn where he went wrong in ahrimxn grand spell and correct it.

Ahriman: Sorcerer

Let me tell you why. Where the idea had first come from none were certain, but once it took hold it bloomed like a flower in sunlight. I look forward to a triumphant end to this trilogy. Somehow the Brotherhood of Dust managed to track the psychic spoor of Ahriman to the warband. The Primarch confessed that he had done terrible things, but he tried to convince Amon that he had done them for the right reasons. Since the end of the Scouringcountless billions have fought and died in the shadow of the Shriman of Terror.

While this vision of the Imperial future granted by the Chaos Gods was a true one, it was ironically an outcome largely created by the Warmaster’s own actions.

In doing so, he is able to create a copy of the fabled Tome Labyrinthusthe map to the hidden passages of the Webway.


Tolbek had played his part in the Rubric that destroyed their Legion and shared in their banishment. They usually do sorcererr see themselves as straight up bad guys, but instead as people who have to do bad things to get what they want. Amongst Ahriman’s countless atrocities, ahrimam are those that stand as true testaments to his subtlety, power, abriman ruthlessness. He assumed the mantle of leadership of the Brotherhood of Dust, including its massive fleet and army of followers.

They called themselves the Summation. When their souls attempted to depart their ruined bodies, they found themselves trapped inside their armour; dead, yet still alive, without a body but unchanging for all eternity.

This was intended to develop Gaumon’s own psychic abilities and thus through his spread Magnus’ pro-psyker beliefs through the Imperium. The majority of Battle-Brothers of the Legion who lacked the psychic gift could not deal with the cataclysmic amounts of sorcerous energy which poured into them. Throughout the novel I kept asking myself where was the Tzeenchian part of the story, where was the innocence of the Thousand Sons that is debatableand French came through.

Far worse was the fact that the first person to step forth and accuse the Thousand Sons of engaging in the malignant and dangerous practice of sorcery was the fellow Astartes he had believed to be his friend within the Space Wolves Legion, the Rune Priest Othere Wyrdmake. When he is not thinking of ways that dark and corrupting beings c John French is a writer and freelance game designer from Nottingham, England. The message penetrated the potent psychic defences of the Imperial Palace on Terrashattering all the psychic wards the Emperor had placed on the Palace — including those within His secret project in the Imperial Palace’s dungeons, where He was proceeding with the creation of the human extension into the Webway.

To the Eldarhe is the carrion scribe who eats the souls of their dying race for secrets; to the Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus he is the lightning rod which brings a storm of daemons; amongst the servants of Chaos he is a flame of power and trickery as likely to burn those drawn to his light as to illuminate them.

Now firmly on this path after the events of Ahriman: He additionally sought to steal an artefact known as the Sword of Lanthrilaqa potent weapon used by the Eldar aeons ago against the C’tanduring the War in Heavenwhich was held by Arcadia’s Great Harlequin. Sometime before the start of the 13th Black Crusade in As the great design locked into place, Dianaxis’ sun was pulled from reality, leaving a howling wound in the sky of the mausoleum world.

Ahriman : Sorcerer – John French

Ahura Mazda is described as the highest deity of worship in Zoroastrianism, along with being the first and most frequently invoked deity, while Ahriman would be his equal and opposite. Also it was had for me to differentiate the characters a lot of the Chaos Marines sounded the same as well as the two human characters.


Contents [ show ]. Tolbek died as his body erupted into ahrriman, immolating itself into a pile of ash. This book does a great job of capturing the epic ahrimxn of the 40k universe, across space and time.

Ahriman is next spoken of in a another strained meeting with his Primarch, as Magnus unveiled his own discernment, that of the upcoming fall of Horus upon Davin. There was a lot in this novel that shocked me, especially with the side characters.

Leave a comment Sorceger reply. John French is one of my favorite newer writers at Black Library, with a style that I would call a little more grounded.

Ahriman: Sorcerer (Novel) – Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum

Magnus was subsequently “rewarded” by Tzeentch sorcereg being transformed into a Daemon Prince. Actually even better, IMO. The Imperial defenders screamed as the children of Chaos ate their souls. The return of rampant mutation to the Thousand Sons after Magnus had previously promised that he had banished its danger forever deeply hurt Ahriman, to the point that his feelings of betrayal were detectable even to a ahrimann like Gaumon.

Sorcerer, as the overall arcing plot feels very much like the first book.

Ahriman just barely managed to escape Tolbek’s insidious trap. The minds of the living sorcerers of the Brotherhood of Dust teetered on the edge of indecision. During this we see combat on a much bigger scale than in the previous book, with multiple factions engaging in a massed void war even as Ahriman fights for his life on a world far below.

Now firmly on this path after the events of Ahriman: There is so much going on, even in the quiet moments that if you are splitting your attention you may miss it. It’s well written, Ahriman is a great character.

All I was hoping for an Ahriman novel. Following the end of the 13th Black Crusade, Ahriman’s star is once again on the rise with the Thousand Sons’ Daemon Primarch Magnus the Redmostly due to the great chaos caused by his battles against the Eldar within the Webway, the prowess he displayed in capturing Inquistor Czevak, and the extraordinary knowledge and ability required to even come close to entering the fabled Black Library.

Searching for a cure for his Legion, he is forced to consider – was the great ritual somehow flawed from the very beginning?