Manuals and user guide free PDF downloads for Alesis iO4. Quick Start Guide – Page 3 an AC outlet. 4. BOX CONTENTS y iO4 y Power adapter y USB cable y Software DVD y Quickstart Guide y Safety Instructions. Buy Alesis iO4 – USB Recording Interface featuring 4 Input / 4 Output (bit), 2 Input / 2 Output (bit) 4 Microphone Preamps. User Manual PDF mb.

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Alesis iO4 – USB Recording Interface IO4 B&H Photo Video

This is where you connect your synthesizers real or virtual to the MIDI tracks for playback. For the output, I connected alsis audio interface to my hi-fi system, so the synths and computer backing now play back through my hi-fi, giving a much richer sound than I had with my PC speakers. MIDI in and out jacks allow for playing and controlling software with keyboard and pad controllers, workstations, and other MIDI-compatible instruments.

A virtual piano that runs vertically up the screen helps oo4 to understand which notes are being triggered at each point. I expect there are lots of similarities between them, so those who have dabbled with similar applications in the past might find it immediately intuitive. It will also record 4 separate channels in at one time! This unit is USB driver class compliant, so it works perfectly with the ipad.

I wrote previously about how I got a Novation Mininova synthesizerwhich offers high quality sounds in a compact package.

There are others out there that are more widely used Ableton Live, Cubase and Reason are the three that feature regularly in the music technology press. I’ve had useful feedback on a few things that I’ve been able to easily fix, that ik4 made the pieces better.

Connecting up instruments using the Alesis io4 The first challenge akesis to get everything connected up, or at least to connect the keyboards to the computer.


This is particularly useful because some of the synth sounds come through “louder” than others, so you need to adjust it whenever you change the synth voice.

Scoreboard Ratings See detailed Alesis customer service rankings, employee comments and much more from our sister site. It’s good to reach new people with the music, especially if they like it.

You’ll get much more out of trying to master one application than tinkering with lots of them. There were a few things that were hard for me to work out on the io4: Getting the right combination of cables to connect my synths to it took several trips to Maplin too, given that the synths output through one socket of one of two sizesand the io4 takes their feed via two sockets. The interface functions with most digital audio software and comes packaged with a copy of Cubase LT from Steinberg.

The hardest part of getting started was just to understand the screen layout, probably because I hadn’t used any workstations before. We have the following 2 documents available for the Alesis iO4: Extending from left to right is a timeline, showing what is playing in each track at any point in the song.

Alesis iO4 Manuals

A midi in and out let’s you control software at the same time. Which means you’re recording the sounds the keyboard makes. Four separate volume controls and outs, this unit makes a great mobile recording device and in the home studio! Click on the Add Bus button and selecting the Stereo configuration.

Quick Start Manuql User Manual.

How to start home recording synth music on your computer

Posted by kayjayjt 2 years ago. Listen to my music and find more articles about home recording here. I’ll write about the others I’ve discovered in another post in the future. You can use the player below to hear the music I’ve uploaded so far. Rated 4 out of 5 by Nathan from Works great! My previous audio recording experience was limited to tinkering with four-track tape recorders at school, and recording with my home hi-fi.


Which means you’re using the keyboard to send and receive musical note information. The audio interface I chose was the Alesis io4.

I thought it might be a good starting point, and I did get some things working with it. High quality analog-to-digital and digital-to-analog converters ensure that every detail of manua, recording gets captured and played ik4 faithfully.

I was told that the manual was only available to people who bought the product. Free Alesis iO4 manuals! No Longer Available Update Location close. Converters bit Sample Rates Click Properties in the lower right-hand corner. I found it hard to navigate, though, and didn’t find the help intuitive, so I emailed to ask for the PDF manual.

The unit is extremely compact and perfect for home, project and portable studio recording setups.

Once it was set up, it was trouble-free, and now I can easily plug in synths, the iPad and other instruments, adjust the sound levels, and record on the PC. The title of this post is borrowed from the second album by The Buggles, Adventures In Modern Recordinga brilliant slice of 80s synthpop. If you have one, please go to begin To enable your iO4 to send and receive audio to your Follow the instructions on your number, click the ” Support ” menu and select “Update eLicenser License Database.