This page contains information about the Reference Manual for the Quadra Synth S4 from Alesis. Manuals and User Guides for Alesis QuadraSynth S4. We have 3 Alesis QuadraSynth S4 manuals available for free PDF download: Reference Manual, Pre. View and Download Alesis S4 Plus reference manual online. 64 Voice Sound Module. S4 Plus Music Equipment pdf manual download.

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Page Greater diffusion works better with percussive sounds, whereas less amounts of diffusion work well with vocals and other sustained sounds. If necessary, use Quad Knob [1] to select the Bank. Basic Midi Hookup Try out some of these functions while playing your MIDI keyboard.

Therefore, much thicker and richly textured sounds can be created. Comparing Edited And Stored Versions Midi Message Basics Note that the waveforms in the S4 Plus are different from those found in samplers or many sample-playback units.

Using An External Sequencer System Common Messages MIDI program change message that is supposed to call up a particular sound, the correct sound on the S4 Plus will be called up, janual if the composer of the sequence used a a4 sound device.

Refer to Chapter 4 for information about storing changes. About Audio Cables Mix Group Channel Changes to Mix parameters are temporary and will be lost if another Mix is selected. Realtime Performance Functions Basic Midi Hookup Resetting A Parameter Value Preset Memory And User Memory Overview S4 Plus Reference Manual What’s New in the 2.


More negative values drive the cutoff frequency lower for a given amount of velocity.

How The Quadrasynth Generates Sound This makes it possible to kanual the signal from the Pitch or Delay sections, or the direct effect send in any combination or amount. Quad Knob [1] selects the Configuration. S4 Plus Factory Demo.

Alesis S4 QuadraSynth Plus Rack – Alesis – Encyclotronic

Programs may be routed to any of the four audio output jacks on the back and the S4 Plus supports optional Sound cards. For example, if Effect Send 1’s Mix Reverb Output parameter is set to 0, you won’t be able to hear reverb regardless of how much input you feed it from any of the effect buses. Quad Knob Editing Troubleshooting S4 Plus Reference Manual MIDI data at once. In this mode, different programs may be assigned to each of the 16 MIDI channels simultaneously, and have allows you to have separate discrete effects on different sounds with complete mix control.


Alesis recommends turning off power to the supply or unplugging it when the S4 Plus is not in use, to prolong its life. Line Conditioners And Protectors Trouble-shooting Index Disconnect any cables connected to the MIDI IN jack, and make sure that a sequencer or keyboard is not sending messages to the S4 Plus that would make it behave erratically such as a long stream of pitch bend messages on 16 channels simultaneously.


To test the cable and S4 Plus digital output, plug one cable end into the S4 Plus. Editing Global Parameters When editing a Program, you will use Program Edit Mode.

Line Conditioners And Protectors While in Program Mode you can play only one Program at a time, in Mix Mode you can play up to 16 Programs at once, either from the keyboard as layers or splits or from an external sequencer via 16 MIDI channels or a combination of both. Page 92 Delay 1 and Reverb 1. Setting The Range And Midi Page Overdrive effect cannot be heard at all. The QuadraSynth was introduced in by Alesis, and it was their first major synthesizer.

Alesis QuadraSynth S4 Manuals

Level Setting For Each Program Use Quad Knob [1] to select one. MIDI program change message that is supposed to call up a particular sound, the correct sound on the S4 Plus will be called up, even if the composer of the sequence used a different sound device.

Delay effect ahead of the Pitch effect in the selected Configuration Example: Page 98 Configuration 1, effect send 4 only has a Delay effect, and not a Pitch effect like the other effect sends do.