The plot of Tampa, a debut novel by Alissa Nutting, is simple: Celeste Price – 26 years old, married, affluent, gorgeous – has just been hired as. Alissa Nutting’s publisher has borrowed from the same playbook to promote her first novel, “Tampa”: a black cover with bold red letters. A novel based on the true story of a teacher seducing a schoolboy has less to it than meets the eye, argues Duncan White.

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What struck me most about that first half was the underlying confidence in the writing.

I never saw Jack as a victim, because even though, I know that the heroine pursued him, had her eyes on him and advanced on him like the predator she is, I instead ended up hating Jack for his stupid run at one point in the book that eventually causes the heroine’s downfall. Make it one of your more challenging books to put on your to-read list for sure. The secret rendezvous at Jack’s home work well until one day when Jack’s father Buck comes home earlier than expected. However, her secret ravenous lust for young boys threatens to tear them apart Since I brought up likeability, it bears mentioning that she is not likeable.

AlissaNutting This book is so good, I’m no longer entirely convinced I’m really reading. I did not get any definitive answers to these questions. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

Or anyway, that’s a lot of what I took from this book. If I read a book about a monster, I expect to feel for a moment, no matter how fleeting, some kind of positive emotion for the monster.

Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

You go into the mind of a pedophile. And that’s what makes Tampa such an interesting and captivating read. That is the trick Nutting is trying to pull off. It is true that occasionally, very occasionally, you get a case where a woman sexually harasses a man at work. She has a singular sexual obsession—fourteen-year-old boys. There are very few books out there that I actually capital h hate. It was like going under anesthesia—once I was inside it, I felt like I had to make the most of it because it was so difficult to go in and out.

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After being a little weirded out by this realization, and thinking about all the trouble she could’ve saved herself by just going for a scrawny, effeminate, largely hairless something, I began to consider the possibility that appearance wasn’t even the main motivating force behind her actions.

Out of ten gazillion cases of sexual harassment, you get one where the man is the victim. In fact, her husband is about twenty tampq too old for her.

Q&A with ‘Tampa’ Author Alissa Nutting

This book amazed me and inspired me aissa write my own “Tampa” of sort She was his teacher. Anyway, I’m just lost. Because she is beautiful and not unintelligent, selecting her prey with care requirements include disengaged parents and an unwillingness to boastshe easily seduces a boy named Jack.

If you can totally suspend your disbelief, some of her crazy and outlandish efforts to keep her affairs secret are mildly amusing.

Tampa by Alissa Nutting – review

View all 4 comments. Her husband, Ford, is rich, square-jawed, and devoted to her. Every aspect of Celeste’s limited human relationships are built on lies, and she drags around by the balls every man who dares to fall under her spell.

If you are averse to graphic sex you’d best stay away. A major chunk of the second half felt like a teacher-student erotica, but not necessarily a child-adult affair, so the sex-scenes weren’t horrifyingly erotic like they should have been; they were just plain erotic.

It’s disturbing to be in her mind to say the least, she has zero sense of shame or concern, she is what she is. I’m not saying the two men are worlds apart at the core or anything; there is just no mistaking on Alisza part of her lustful desires as genuine affection.


Tampa by Alissa Nutting – review | Books | The Guardian

Whereas Celeste who talks openly about masturbation and her pedophilic lust for year-old boys is spit on and disparaged. In the end Celeste kept doing what she was nuthing though. One day before the start of the spring semester, Buck unexpectedly returns home early and walks in on Celeste and Jack performing food play. It makes some interesting points about how society views female sex-offenders and how beautiful people can get away with almost anything but these points were mere observations I made, they did not really hit me.

The writing here is very good During the visits, Celeste begins to be increasingly annoyed by Jack’s wants for an emotional relationship. Pity, or sympathy, or just a basic understanding maybe?

Does Nutting seek to titillate? I found her remarkably uncomplicated.

View all 28 comments. Jack berates Celeste, having finally realized the truth about her, and then runs off. I think even the author would say you are meant to be disturbed. Celeste Price is a beautiful, wealthy woman in her mid-twenties.

I realized that if the genders were reversed or if the victims were younger than teenagers, I would have had a very different experience when reading this book. This is one of those books that’s almost impossible to rate. Reminiscent of American Beauty and Lolita — the tale of ultimate taboo finds a balancing counterpart with a vicious wit. And yes, I am wholly aware that this review would have been vastly different on my part if the heroine was a man.

A twenty-six years old, eighth-grade English teacher with a thing for and only for 14 year old boys that too with conditions applied. Loading comments… Trouble loading?