Quote. Postby Just» Tue Aug 28, am. Looking for strelau podstawy psychologii dla nauczycieli pdf. Will be grateful for any help! Top. Psychologiczne konteksty Internetu(Book) 2 editions Skala Poczucia Kontroli u Dzieci Przedszkolnych – SPK-DP: podręcznik by Barbara Szmigielska(Book). 1 I. Obuchowska, Adolescencja, [in:]: Psychologia rozwoju człowieka. 8 A. Matczak, K.A. Knopp, Znaczenie inteligencji emocjonalnej w funkcjonowaniu czak, Zarys psychologii rozwoju. Podręcznik dla nauczycieli, Wydawnictwo Akademic-.

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From National to Global Identity 41 disappearing borders were the young from vocational schools and they also felt the smallest possibility of their influence on the functioning of the state. International Journal of Stress Management, 12, One of them originated in the 60s of the 20th century with the investigation of sociologists, who were predominantly a.matcza, of the theory of reproduction and the theory of social resistance. This difference has its sources in the socio-cultural, economic and political situation of our country, Europe and the world, which becomes a certain point of reference.

There is an established conviction in modern society that the times we live in are unique and special. Taking into consideration the criterion of meaning, the term is applied to a set of phenomena harmful to an individual as well as a group, which have a specific origin, social scope and a negative impact [L. Such a form made it possible to satisfy at least to some extent the social, emotional, educational and entertainment needs of the lowest social class.

Educational Psychology Review, 12 2— The seminar run similarly to the one run by Kazimierz Twardowski created historical-philosophical abilities of its participants especially through common reading texts and discussion on their interpretation. Is there a validity increment for tests of emotional intelligence in explaining the variance of performance criteria? The relatively fewest negative attitudes to homeland emerged from the answers of the grammar school pupils. a.matczakk

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Youth highly evaluate all the values related to faith, religion, morality, knowledge, family, friendship, as well as the values related to work and education. The level of their interest in the country s affairs can be described as medium general secondary schools or low technical and vocational schools. The most representative of them can be traced in the area of vocational education. Wydawnictwo Artystyczne i Filmowe.

What can be an example of such an approach is Roland Robertson s concept of glocalization, continued also by Zygmunt Bauman, the heart of which concerns restructuring of the social world according to both new principles of re-stratification and the worldwide hierarchy which is constantly reborn. A discourse attitude a way to intensify the scientific atmosphere Taking up the most crucial discourses of the epoch is a characteristic feature of many distinguished creators of scientific knowledge, just mentioning a long discourse between Immanuel Kant and Christian Garwe concerning connections between theory and practice, Karl Popper s polemic with Schrodinger about characteristic features of life, and Ludwig Boltzman s fight with Ernst Mach on the corpuscular and molecular theory kinetic theory of gases in physics.


The opposite current seems to be the domain of the supporters of hybridization.

Theatre played an important part in those transformations. Emotional intelligence meets traditional standards for an intelligence. Global culture and forming the young people s patriotic attitudes and the psychplogii with their own country Globalization processes take place worldwide and they change the way we and others are thought of. Apart from those factors, often entirely beyond our influence. Its development reached its height at the time of Romanticism.

Fowler s concept of faith model is at eozwoju.podrcznik synthetic-conventional stage, which emphasizes an interpersonal character of faith, and at the individual-reflective stage, associated with the emerging self-consciousness of a young person concerning the relativity of the inherited religious standpoint and with rejection of the so far recognized authorities Socha,pp.

Will there be, in the young people s opinion, room for national states in a.matczao world which is becoming a global village? Thus, in this approach the unification of societies will take place in the context of culture. O potrzebie perspektywy globalnej. In the young respondents opinion, globalization offers unlimited freedom of migration and also enables the choice of nationality, or its exchange for the socalled world citizenship.

Everyday life with its good and evil has always provided inspiration for performances. The second tendency, fla the opinion naauczycieli sociologists, is a response to the first, which is characterized by the structures of information, production, exchange, consumption and entertainment. The individuals who demonstrate a lower level of ability are made to enter the labour market directly after completing the relatively early stages of education [cf.

The life of every person is conditioned by many different factors which facilitate or hinder efficient existence.

Kompetencje społeczne, a możliwości interpersonalne –

With the complexity of globalization processes which constitute the inevitable destiny of the world, some significant questions appear, especially from the point of view of the young generations education: The individual can also maintain the identity determined by the objective features, and refuse to be a member of the institution responsible for depreciation [cf. Thus, in the course of the conducted activity, a teacher, regarded as a representative of a group of intellectuals, implements the principles of the indoctrinating system, concerning imparting knowledge in the scope and form consistent with the interests of a dominant class [N.


The young realize that the quality of their qualifications determines their life chances their future profession, job, position, living standards, and the fulfillment of their own aims and life goals. Some historical and scientific issues related to research on emotional intelligence. Finding pleasure in a discourse can also be seen in the personality of Stefan Szuman, who used to invite his students and colleagues to discussions during which he gave them his advice and shared his experiences, lent them his books or scientific materials.

One of them consists of pupils and university students who, more frequently than others, act for: In extreme situations, marginalization leads to the welfare dependence syndrome, and consequently to gaining the underclass status A. The primary aim of those events was the attainment of a sense of togetherness and community, which was a peculiar value in itself and which provided people with a feeling of security and belonging.

Hermeneutical understanding is isomorphic with the truth and getting to know self, and apart from that it is a very important cognitive-emotional process, peculiar methodology, a style of research work, a way of interpersonal communication. Do you think you know the problems of Poland, its inhabitants, culture, history, in the following degree: His fifth book About becoming a person placed him in the centre of attention.

The data in Figure 1 and 2 present the process of shaping axiological predispositions of young Poles, which is characteristic of periods of social breakthrough. There are certain flaws in the education system. And that the Other will be their offspring and heir. Rocznik Pedagogiczny, No If this is the way art is perceived now, then such content pertains to theatre as well, which forms part of it. New York, Toronto, Oxford: Performing such a function in the period of identity crisis and the crisis of legitimization of the social system, school creates favourable conditions for the crisis to arise, mainly in the sphere of identity development among young people, and in the sphere of sense.

Personality and Individual Differences, 36 1— In other words, it provides a breeding ground for the phenomenon of counter-socialization nauczucieli. Jacek Santorski, Wydawnictwa Biznesowe. Globalization, or what is happening to all of us leads to reflection upon forming new identity the name of which derives from the name of the process global identity.