Amul is an Indian dairy brand originating from the state of Gujrat. It has a huge role to play in India’s White revolution, which resulted in India. Check out the SWOT analysis of Amul and understand the strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities that the brand has which it can. SWOT AMUL. 1. SWOT Analysis On AMUL BUTTER S W O T; 2. STRENGTHS Creative advertising with Amul Baby print ads High brand.

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Please enter an answer in digits: How about make it original? In the last few years, the cooperative has successfully launched several new product lines, which have been popular among different age groups.

Finance is nothing to other but the money. It has also computerized its production processes. Amul Ice Cream 5.

Marketing Report of the Amul Company, Including the Swot, Tows, Ifsa, Efas Essay

The brand names and other brand information used in the BrandGuide section are properties of their respective companies. There is an easy availability of technological infrastructure. Moreover, increased awareness of developments like embryo transplant, artificial insemination and properly managed animal sowt practices, coupled with higher income to rural milk producers should automatically lead to improvement in milk yields.

India is a wonderland for investors looking for investment opportunities in the dairy industry. Therefore the bargaining power of such suppliers is low. Country has vast natural resources which offer immense.


Amul SWOT Analysis, Competitors & USP

In order to leverage from their distribution network, to optimize market supervision expenditures, to achieve increasing efficiency while keeping the distribution infrastructure lean, focused and productive, the amalgamation of its different distribution networks was done.

Below are the 4 main Amul competitors: Amul is an Indian dairy brand originating from dwot state of Gujrat. Retrieved July 25,from https: The erratic power supply would cause harm in the Underdeveloped systems: They are areas analysjs the business needs to improve to remain competitive. However, if you find any ambiguity kindly help us improve.

Marketing Report of the Amul Company, Including the Swot, Tows, Ifsa, Efas Essay Example for Free

How to cite this page Choose cite format: Successful advertising and marketing campaigns has enhanced the brand presence. They spend a lot in terms of Advertisements.

Amul offers different products in different product categories. And thus is facing huge competition in International markets. These forms contain general information about the candidates.

The declining economic conditions all over the world can result in losses for Amul. Given below are potential areas of value addition: About Us — The Amul Model. This is because of the quality of cattle feed that would be available will not have the required nutritional content. Analtsis would also need to invest heavily in marketing and advertising to increase brand awareness and brand recall of their products.


According to the requirement of the personnel division they get require employees by resources like postal services employment exchange education institution and advertisement. Similar analysis has also been done for the competitors of the company belonging to the same category, sector or industry. While the number of challenges facing Amul is abundant, this company posses a great deal of promise for the future.

Amul SWOT Analysis | Competitors & USP | BrandGuide | MBA

Adulteration is also a major threat to quality that takes place due to illiterate farmers from remote villages. With too many international brands in competition with Amul, it now finds difficult to control its cost of operations.

Moreover the financial resources available with the federation are immense and the reputation is such that in case of any sswot requirements, it can approach any institution and raise any form of capital. The technology is brought from Denmark and the production of milk has benefited from that. Strong supply chain partnerships 2. Retrieved July 25,from http: Pin It on Pinterest.

The margins are enough Flexibility of product mix: Woes of bad roads and inadequate transportation. Amul can introduce new products in the chocolate segment 2. Bhatol is under pressure to relinquish the office.