Dersu Uzala [Vladimir Arsenyev] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A memoir by Russian explorer Vladimir Arsenyev, covering his trips in. Dersu Uzala () on IMDb: Movies, TV, Celebs, and more And captain Arseniev,seeing the horror that struck him,offers him to come with him to his. Along their journey, Arseniev discovers that Dersu Uzala is a man with a beautiful soul, and they become close friends. When his assignment ends, Dersu Uzala.

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Dersu Uzala

Much of the attraction of this book lies in descriptions of how Dersu reads the clues of the trail, the animals, and the weather, not merely with experience, but often with the logical inference uala might expect from Sherlock Holmes. We soon witness a great sense of camaraderie developing between the two of them as Dersu rises in status from being a comrade to a stalwart and a friend in the eyes of the captain. His people believe in a ghost that rules the taiga,Kanga.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the movie but I don’t love it.

Dersu the Trapper

Archived from the original on No wonder the natives respected the hell out of nature. They wreck the film’s balance and make its achievements dull. Since then of course I’ve seen all of his films from Stray Dog on, Rashomon and Ran being especial favourites, but I keep on coming back to watch this one, ostensibly the simplest tale Kurosawa ever filmed.

In uzwla end,this film has outstanding photography,outstanding music,outstanding cast,beautiful scenery and do i need to say anything about the director?

It’s a must watch for everyone who loves and understands cinema. The old man guides them and they survive.


No need for me to crib those thoughts here, when Chad has already written them so finely. Dersu saves the life of the captain when they get lost and are caught in a fierce storm and the design of the cave-like-structure that saved captain’s life further increases the admiration the captain ddrsu towards Dersu.

But, even Kurosawa’s greatest critic would not find it hard to concede that cinema does not get any purer than Dersu Uzala. The story itself has a superb appeal most of the way, but it is in it’s last act that ‘Derzu Uzala’ reaches an intensely tragic plane. Views Read Edit View history. Yuri Solomin as Capt. It was only by the end of the movie and through analyzing the film that I have come to discover its pure genius.

Vladimir Arsenyev – Wikipedia

Showing of 3 reviews. Arseniev describes three explorations in the Ussurian taiga along the Sea of Japan above Vladivostok, beginning zuala his first encounter of the solitary aboriginal hunter named Dersu, a member of the Gold tribe, who thereafter becomes his guide.

Set in the forests of Siberia in the 19th century, Dersu Uzala is one of the most important films about friendship ever made.

The Russians scoff at his ways and his ‘primitive’ belief system, but eventually come to rely on him, and even love him. Being fully aware of the handicap of being in a remote and tricky territory and of the indispensability of having an indigene in the ranks, Arseniev asks Dersu to be their guide.

Friendship, the slow terrible impact of one culture upon another, the slow terrible impact of human culture upon nature This book reads like a wilderness adventure novel that Jack London only wishes he could write. It is a beautiful story that takes place in an world that very few of us in the West have had a chance to see. A hunter comes upon the soldiers speaking kind of broken Russian.


I stayed up late reading this tender, touching, beautiful and sad classic memoir. See nothing, savvy nothing. Some of the first two expeditions drag a bit because Arseniev has this need to mention e This arxeniev a great historical travelogue, a well born Russian officer exploring far eastern Siberia with a guide named Dersu.

Dersu could no longer survive in the woods. It was starting to feel very repetitive, and there’s only so much nonfiction this reader can take.

Explore the Home Gift Guide. This is one of those rare films that you can watch twice back-to-back, or at any time to restore your belief that, in addition to being a means of mass entertainment, movies really can be an art form as well.

Jul 28, Rating: Arseniev is most famous for authoring many books about his explorations, including some 60 works on the geography, wildlife and ethnography of the regions he uxala.

The third book of Arsenyev’s trilogy, In the Sikhote-Alin mountainswas published posthumously in The march across the ice under a red setting sun is now one of my favorite images. Dersu Uzala is a statement by Akira of life.