Identification. Asteriscus graveolens (Forssk.) Less. [family ASTERACEAE ] ( stored under name); Verified by Not on Sheet, Buphthalmum odorum Schousb. Familia: Asteraceae Subfamilia: Asteroideae Tribus: Inuleae Subtribus: Inulinae Genus: Asteriscus Species: Asteriscus graveolens. In the present study the phytochemical composition and biological activities of the aerial part extracts of Asteriscus graveolens against pathogenic bacteria and.

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Symptoms such as nose and throat irritation, followed by bronchoconstriction and dyspnoea, especially in asthmatic individuals, are usually experienced after exposure to increased levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen oxides, and certain heavy metals such as arsenic, nickel or vanadium.

Reactive oxygen species ROS and free radicals associated with ROS are associated with oxidative stress and lipid peroxidation. Identification of Asteriscus graveolens Extract as a Protectant Against Smoke-Related Pollution Cigarette smoke was chosen as a model for pollution, being a relevant environmental contaminant with proven effects on health in general and skin health and appearance, containing many relevant toxic compounds, including volatile organic compounds VOC’spolyaromaitc hydrocarbon PHAsoxides and heavy metals Specific example of pollutants known to be present in cigarette smoke and have deleterious effect on epithelial cells are formaldehyde and polyaromatic hydrocarbons.

These have been shown to lead to transepidermal water loss, degeneration of connective tissue in the skin and an increase in MMPs metalloproteinases -enzymes which break down connective skin tissue Jorgensen L N K et al.

Non-limiting examples of excipients in liquids include water, glycerin, propylene glycol, sweet-taste syrup, ethanol, fatty oil, ethylene glycol, polyethylene glycol and sorbitol. According to other embodiments, the extract derived from Asteriscus or a fraction thereof is devoid of cisacetoxychrysanthenyl acetate. It has been used in Sahara folk medicine as a stomachic, for treating fever, gastrointestinal tract complaints, headache and bronchitis, and as an anti-inflammatory agent.


The assay confirmed polar solvent extract of Asteriscus graveolens as a lead for protecting tissues comprising epithelial cells from a common and multi-ingredient toxin mixture such as cigarette smoke.

The resulting metabolites may potentially also damage the epithelium and body.

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According to certain embodiments, the oral care composition comprises additional agent selected from the group consisting of white colorants, whitening agents, enzymes, anti-plaque agents, anti-staining agents, anti-microbial agents, anti-caries agents, flavoring agents, coolants, and salivating agents.

Reactive oxygen species are found both in cigarette smoke and in air pollution. According to certain embodiments, the aerial part is a stem or a leaf. According to other embodiments, the composition is formulated for administration via a spray nozzle. The epidermis is further subdivided into several layers: The extracts and compositions of the invention are highly useful in preventing damage caused by various pollutants to epithelial tissues.

A set of 16 questions regarding variety of skin parameters was used to evaluate the treatment effect.

PAHs compose a group of more than different chemicals that are released from burning coal, oil, gasoline, trash, tobacco, wood, or other organic substances such as charcoal-broiled meat. According to additional exemplary embodiments, the epithelial tissue forms part of at least one of the lung, trachea and nasal cavity.

Table 2 shows genes the expression of which asteriecus altered as a result of treatment with Asteriscus extract fraction.

Non-limiting examples of suitable neutralizers include soda, triethanolamine, aminomethyl propanol and potassium hydroxide. The extracts of the present invention may be obtained from A.


The graveolnes was collected. In recent years it has been demonstrated that human wsteriscus cells express various Cytochrome P CYP enzymes, including such that are responsible specifically for metabolism of exogenous toxins within various types of epithelial cells. Tobacco smoke cigarette smoke being the most common type is also considered a source of air pollution and comprises up to compounds and toxins known to be detrimental to human health. Any variety of the plant can be used. A moderate but significant improvement in skin texture grades vs.


Oral Care Composition Another embodiment of the present invention refers to an oral composition comprising the extract of the invention or a fraction thereof. According to certain embodiments, the subject is exposed to the at least one pollutant sporadically. In eukaryotic aerobic organisms including humans, free radicals are continuously generated during normal metabolism and in response to exogenous environmental exposures e.

Without wishing to be bound by any specific theory or mechanism of action, this effect may be due to a detoxification mechanism: The results show an increased vitality of cells treated with the extract as compared to untreated cells. Frontiers in Environmental Science 2: Epithelium forms part of both the outside surface skin and the inside cavities and lumen of mammalian bodies. If the problem persists, asferiscus us know. Skin treated with A. Already have an account?

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The transformation is proportional to the enzyme activity. According to yet additional embodiments, the epithelial tissue forms part of at least fraveolens of pharynx and larynx. Toxins that have not been physically removed may be metabolized within the epithelium.

The extracts and compositions comprising same are thus useful in protecting subjects, particularly human subject inclined to be exposed to pollution, particularly smoke related pollution. In yet astetiscus embodiments, the polar solvent comprises propylene glycol. The formed solution is clear and homogenous, having a pH at the range of 4. According to certain embodiments, the inhalation composition is administered by humidifier.