For more information, see the ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users. If your system includes ATG Content Administration, you can access these features . This software or hardware is developed for general use in a variety of information management applications. It is not The software is based in part on the work of the Independent JPEG Group. Oracle ATG Web Commerce. Additional Products. Oracle provides additional products that run on top of the ATG platform. Typically these must be Personalization Guide for Business Users.

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Like users, each organization has its own profile in the profile repository. Government, the following notice is applicable:. Intended for business users and page developers. You can also access it by clicking the View Tests button at any time. Allows you to create, view, and add assets to the various types of custom registries that can be stored in the AssetRegistry repository. If this software or related documentation is delivered to the U. Start The setting that determines how the test will start.

Reverse engineering, disassembly, or decompilation of this software, unless required by law for interoperability, is prohibited. To view an individual test summary, click the test name. Site s In a multisite environment, specifies which sites the test runs on. Example 1 Tracking Items that a Visitor Displays: The default URL that is used for previewing all tests in the system. It provides information on how to use ATG Campaign Optimizer to evaluate and improve your e-commerce initiatives by performing multivariate testing on Web-based promotions, online products, and overall web site design and functionality.

Security Access in Scenarios Creating a Scenario: If you use this software or hardware in dangerous applications, then you shall be responsible to take all appropriate fail-safe, backup, redundancy, and other measures to ensure its safe use. The Summary tab opens.


Includes information about Dynamic Search and Navigation, which can be used to create navigational structures for Commerce sites based on facets. Intended for business users. For more information, refer to Using the View Tests Page. The To Do List in the right pane of the Business Control Center Home page allows you to view and edit projects that you have created or that contain tasks assigned to you.

Government or anyone licensing it on behalf of the U. When you display the View Tests page from within a project, a third tab lists the tests in the current project.

ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users

Using the To Do List. Number of Test Groups The number personalziation test groups into which the users are divided. Test Groups Name The name of the test group. The Personalization module provides features that are specifically designed to support Web site personalization, which is the process of displaying different content to each site visitor depending on his or her preferences and requirements.

The actual items that will be switched during the test. Government, the following notice is applicable:. Indicates if the test is currently running, has finished running, or has not started yet.

ATG Personalization Guide for Business Users

For information about Oracle’s commitment busines accessibility, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program website at http: If you do use the Back button and then see an error, close the browser and restart the Business Control Center. Oracle Corporation and its affiliates are not responsible for and expressly disclaim all warranties of any kind with respect to third-party content, products, and services.

Intended primarily for JSP developers, but should also be read by programmers who are new to the product suite. Intended for programmers and site administrators. Click this link to display the View Tests page.


Intended for system administrators, developers, and page developers. Only tests that can currently be edited appear in the To Do List.

Includes information about server management, database configuration, session management, performance planning, and troubleshooting. Description A description of the test.

Security Access in Scenarios Creating a Scenario: Includes information on setting up profile repositories, creating targeting rules and services, configuring scenario servers, and adding custom scenario events and actions. This software or hardware and documentation may provide access to or information on content, products, and services from third parties. For information about Oracle’s commitment to accessibility, visit the Oracle Accessibility Program website at http: Government, the following notice personlization applicable: Determine the visitor behavior that you will track and use to update profiles.

Setting Up Targeting Services Describes how to set up the components that deliver targeted content. When you display the View Tests page by clicking the Browse link in the Campaign Optimizer option in the Operations menu, you see a list of completed tests. For information, visit http: Describes how to install and configure ATG Merchandising.

As such, the use, duplication, disclosure, modification, and adaptation shall be subject to the restrictions and license terms set forth in the applicable Government contract, and, to the extent applicable by the terms of the Government contract, the additional rights set forth in FAR Created By The name of the user who created the test. This software and related documentation are provided under a license agreement containing restrictions on use and disclosure and are protected by intellectual property laws.

The number of test groups into which the users are divided.