Presentation on theme: “AutoPLANT Piping – Tips and Tricks”— Presentation .. Second Edition- Tutorial 1 1 Microsoft Access Tutorial 1 – Introduction To. Autoplant Tutorial – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. AutoPLANT 3D Training(1) – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text text. illustrated throughout this tutorial were captured running ACAD in.

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With a Sphere, it can be a bit difficult to decide which direction is best. What most users would do in this case if redraw the whole line. After setting the tag up, we will then see the following dialog – As you can see, all the options except for “Select Entities” and “Cancel” are grayed out. This can be a handy way of checking if your components are odd angles are correctly aligned. Centerline Routing can also be started through the 2D to 3D tool, which will be covered later.

This dialog allows users to Load or unload the selected module or all of the modules. The component can also still be edited to a point using the Piping commands, but in order to place new module based components, the module will need to be loaded again.

CS — MENU Allows users to quickly select a component from a spec record and place it Settings for the component are determined by what is in Component preferences. One the left side is a view of the object in wireframe and on the right is a view of it rendered. In this image the ball valve is anchored, notice how the centers of the 4 in the light blue and the center of the 6 in the gray are in the same location – If the anchor is turned off on this component, here is the results – Notice that center of the Rebuilt valve is offset from the center of the original one.


Now all the components are moved to the Rebuilt Components section.

Registration Forgot your password? For example, the Imperial specs for the Victaulic module is called Victalic. Once the components are placed in our model, we then start the Assembly Manager and select the “User Assemblies” node in the Assembly Location area. For example, Victaulic pipe has special coupling connects to join pipe rather then using welds.

This dialog is displayed because the program needs some input on were the center of the bend will be placed. This is to tell the drafter that these components are to be tutogial. Adding the Nozzle is very similar, just drag and drop the nozzle in to the Model space area of the drawing.

Good for when a centerline is needed in tutkrial that has already been placed No mater which option is used to place the Centerline, each can have the same tools used with them. If you had dismantled any components and just hit the Close button without Applying the changes, then the pipe may stay in the grayed dashed line style.

If you missed our first presentation. A full understanding of Centerline Routing will help a long way into working with this feature. Share buttons are a little bit lower.

In order to place lines, the 2D Browser has to use the Centerline routing tools. Now that the Centerline is placed, we will first us the AutoFit command to add some elbows to this line. Also, location Nozzles can be a big help when using User Defined Equipment.

Basic Modeling in AutoPLANT

Now to make the change from Size 6 to Size 4. They can also be changed slightly so that variations of the spool, such as different ratings or sizes could be placed as well without the tutlrial of creating another Assembly. We can build the Assembly by pressing the Build button. Sometimes, a dialog called “Bentley AutoFit Resolver” will appear that looks similar to this.


AutoPLANT Piping – Tips and Tricks – ppt video online download

To begin converting this shape into our Equipment, we first select the command like below – This will first request a Tag for the new Equipment, we will call this one ST Below is an image of a Ball Valve that is being changed from 6 to 4. They use the functions and features of AutoPLANT combined with more tools and custom specs to create unique piping components.

What is Briefcase Mode? Now the equipment can have Nozzles placed on it and connected to piping. To load a module, just select the module from the Available Modules list, pick the desired option, and then hit either OK or Apply. My presentations Profile Feedback Log out. Now to place Associative Primitives, there has to be an Equipment Primitive to associate it to. For more information about this dialog, I would recommend clicking the Help button and reviewing the information provided there.

The Spec and Size columns can be changed by selecting them. Creating an Assembly To begin, we have to draw the Spool that will be used for the Assembly.

An example of what will be displayed if the component is not inserted into the 3D model is give below. One group of these tools are called Modules. One thing to note, Spools are not the only thing that can be used to make an Assembly.

Hitting the Record Only button will create the document but not launch the application. In this case, it would be the valve that was shown in the previous example.

Briefcase Mode is like passing a single document over to a reviewer rather then the entire cabinet.