Audio manuals and audio service pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your audio device and more at ManualsOnline. Yamaha AVX-S80 User Manual • White) (red) (blue) (gray) (green), Fr ont r rear r rear l center fr ont l • Yamaha Home Theater Systems. AVX-S80 normaly comes with 6 speakers (active sub) and receiver. I look into a subwoofer and as it looks to me it has amplifer for all 6.

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Adjust only those controlsthat are covered by the operating instructions as animproper adjustment of other controls may result indamage and will often require extensive work by aqualified technician to restore the product to its normaloperation,e If the product has been dropped or damaged in anyway, andf When the product exhibits a distinct change inperformance – this indicates a need for service. Keep it in a safe place for future reference.

Wehope it will give you many years of trouble-freeenjoyment. For the best performance, read this manualcarefully. This product is a home theater sound system consisting ofthe components shown on the table at right.

Yamaha DVX-S80 Home Theater System

Please check the all components are contained withoutfail by referring to the table. Whenyou turn this system on, you will hear a click and therewill be a 4 to 5-second delay before this system canreproduce sound. Make sure that the AMP mode is selectedbefore starting operation.

Seeeach page for details. Installing batteries in the remote control P. The front speakers are used for the main source soundplus effect sounds.

The rear speakers are used for effectand surround sounds. The center speaker is for the centersounds dialog, vocals, etc. Tapping screw Available at thehardware store Diam. Two stands make a set. Safely store the cap and alwaysre-insert it in the terminal when the terminal is not in use. This cap prevents the entrance of dust.


Connect in accordance with the components you have. In general, these antennas should providesufficient signal strength. Connect each antenna correctly to the designatedterminals. As this terminal is used for testing at thefactory, do not connect any equipment to thisterminal.

If you use them, note thefollowing. When this adjustment iscomplete, the output level heard at the listening positionshould be the same from each speaker. I Setting the sleep timerUse this feature to automatically set this system in thestandby mode after the amount of time you have set.

Thesleep timer is useful when you are going to sleep whilethis system is playing or recording a source. For the best results, choose a program appropriate forthe selected audio source. While playing a 2-channel source 12Press AMP. The avd of an input signal. When digital input is not known,the mode is set to the analog mode.

Unknwn Digital Unknown Digital fs: The sampling frequency of an input signal when a digital signalis input. Refer to theoperation instructions for these components. Hold down the button to continue the tuning search. The station band and frequency appear on the frontpanel display with the preset group and number youhave selected.

Tuning in to a preset stationYou can tune any desired station simply by selecting thepreset station number under which it was stored.

Yamaha AVX-S80 User Manual | Page 15 / 55 | Original mode

The RDS function iscarried out among the network stations. Note2Keeping CODE SET pressed, enter the 1digit device code and the 2-digitmanufacturer code for the component to becontrolled using the numeric buttons. Choose the appropriate item and adjust orselect the values as necessary. Adjustment should be made with the remote control. If you do not use one or any of the included speakers, orif you use other speakers instead of the included speakers,set the following.

Low-frequencysignals are defined as 90 Hz and below. The Lowfrequency signals can be directed to both front left andright speakers, and the subwoofer subwoofer can be usedfor both stereo reproduction and the DSP program. The LFE signals aredirected to the subwoofer. This feature works when there is sound outputfrom the center speaker, with a source like Dolby Digitalor DTS, etc.


Ideally, the center speaker should be thesame distance from the main listening position as the leftand right speakers. However, in most home situations, the center speaker isplaced in line with the front speakers. LASTSelect this to set this system to automatically select thelast input mode used for the respective source.

I For 5ch StereoYou can adjust the volume level for each channel in 5channel Stereo mode.

Adjusting the delay timeProgramYou can adjust the time difference between the beginningof the sound from the front speakers and the beginning ofthe sound effect from the rear speakers. The larger thevalue, the later the sound effect is generated. The delaytime can be individually adjusted to all DSP programs.

If the problem you are having is not e80 belowor if the instruction below does not help, set this system to the standby mode, disconnect the power cord, and contact thenearest authorized YAMAHA dealer or service center. Firmly connect the power cord.

Raise the level of the center speaker. Select the appropriate mode for your centerspeaker. No sound from thecenter speaker. Select another DSP program.

Check the antenna connections. Try using a high-quality directional FMantenna. There is multipath interference. This channel is for the reproduction of low bass signals.

The frequency range for this channel is 20 Hz to Ss80.

Yamaha AVX-S80 manual

This channel is counted as 0. Page 3 d If the product does not operate normally by followingthe operating instructions. Don’t see a manual you are looking for? Tell us what’s missing. Tell us about it. Or point us to the URL where the manual is located. Your manual agx to upload