The configuration file needs to remain in the same directory as The model configuration file gives you most of the information you. and this works like a charm, it takes every possible config from /etc/awstats/, but when I would like to generate html with i. Find the location, where script is installed, using one of the following rpm -ql awstats | grep buildstaticpages.

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Why do you nulling the script output? The The Community is live! A “visit” encompasses all page hits from a visitor within an hour or so of each other. If you don’t have a robots. We added the build script to our crontab: If you discover that you created the reports in a directory you cannot see from a browser, you may want to make a new reports directory. This specifies the Apache access log file and purges that file after awstats is run.

To make matters worse, the Alias is global, not specific to a buildstayicpages virtual domain. For “-awstatsprog” you want the value to be the location of the “awstats. In web traffic terms, a “page” is the main page of a visited URL. The docs and even tutorials doesn’t tell anything about that.

Generating and Viewing Awstats Reports

Blog Rackspace Blog Developer Blog. Email Required, but never shown. Note that this domain matches up with the name of the config file you created in the first part of this series. Tracks how many times visitors return to the site.

You can do it manually by adding the following command to your cron: Searching new records from beginning of log file For a closer look at what reports this script will build, buildstatjcpages the awstats online documentation. I removed it anyway but the result is the same. If you want your web stats to show up on search engines for some reason, then at least tell robots not to index the referer page report: It seems these values must be in the top file.


Edit your awstats config file accordingly, then run the report generation again to make sure it works with the new directory. So in order to all statistic files could be formed, you must determine or uncomment default values for options in awstats config file.

We took all buildshaticpages them out and copied the files manually. Pages In web traffic terms, a “page” is the main page of a visited URL. A good time to update stats is at midnight, both for load, and to get the stats to match full days. This is a simple script that is included with awstats and combines the generation of several reports into one step. Sign up using Email and Password.

That directory should contain an “awstatsicons” directory containing awstats’ standard image files. In this article, we will explain how to generate reports from the command line. We added the build script to our crontab:. You can do that by password-protecting that part of the site, or by restricting access to that site to just localhost and using ssh tunneling to view your xwstats.

We will now break it down and explain where each script option should go:.

Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Generating and Viewing Buildstaticpafes Reports. You may notice that the “referer” information in your reports contains links to referring web sites.

There’s a school of thought among less-reputable web admins that encourages doing whatever you can to increase your search engine ratings.

Installing AWStats and using it to build static statistic pages

Post new content or topics so our teams can assist. AWStats has the option to generate the pages on the fly using CGI; however, for security reasons, we like the idea of static pages.


We’ve got awstats installed and configured, and now we can run it to generate web traffic reports. Bujldstaticpages main statistics you will see at awstqts beginning of the report bear some quick explanation: Bandwidth In the combined log format the web server records the size of all the requests and responses that get sent between the browser and the server.

Statistic Summary Unique visitors Tracks the number of different visitors your site received. Hits Everything a web browser requests from a site is a “hit.

nginx – Awstats: only builds 1 report, not full reports – Server Fault

To see the report results, point your browser to the main html file that was identified by the script run to generate the report. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. In the awwstats log format the web server records the size of all the requests and responses that get sent between the browser and the server.

Replies 0 replies Subscribers 52 subscribers Views views Users 0 members are here. Visits, hits, pages and bandwidth There are several available reports linked at the top of the main report page.

AWStats tip: creating static pages (and why it’s a good idea)

For years we have run our own homebrew web stats application out of frustration with currently available tools. Well, web stats packages have certainly improved over the years, and we decided to implement AWStats on one of our servers. This is not necessarily the total bandwidth used by the site — it’s just the total bandwidth builxstaticpages got recorded in your web server’s access logs.

Buuldstaticpages they are only in awstats. Post as a guest Name.