We’ve been building, driving, hucking, flipping, bashing and thrashing Axial’s new EXO Terra scale buggy for the last several weeks. Is it worth. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Axial Ax 4WD RTR Exo Terra Buggy, 1/10 Scale at Read honest and unbiased product . Axial EXO Terra Buggy Kit 4WD EP. Description: Axial’s R&D team started with a clean slate and took an in depth look at the off-road desert scene before.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to read the f Here is an updated pic of my GF’s Exo. The motor position is centered lengthwise and battery is positioned towards axiaal center for balance and stability.

If using as a GoPro mount you must use the aluminum spacers provided as shown in the pictures. Axisl 10m Shock Parts Sounds like it could indeed be a bit of pain. I would just deal with. Metal huggy diffs front, rear and center Slipper Clutch: We may let you take a test drive, and at the very least get you some stickers!

The Axial motor mount is overly complex and does not work well. To boil it down, the EXO is a fabulous turner that makes you look and feel like Superman out on the track.

Do you have a video to share with RC Car Action? The motor position is centered lengthwise and battery is positioned towards the center for balance and stability. Made from high grade steel and hardened for increased strength. The RC10 flew off LHS shelves not only because it had ground breaking technology, but also because of its incredible scale looks.


The center chassis is made from 4mm thick aluminum for durability and features recessed pockets to lower the center of gravity. The lower plastic end plates are adjustable which allow you to fit any battery pack, and in most cases, two batteries will fit standing terta edge. Each differential trera four sintered gears housed in compact differential cases. Send a private message to fdan.

Remove two body clips to remove the side body panel and you gain access to the battery compartment. Jumping the EXO off one of our short wood stunt ramps nearly always ended in a massive endo. Great for fine tuning performance. Thats killer your girl rips with you.

Send a private message to EXT2Rob. The rear end has excellent side bite, so much so it rarely breaks loose. However, both the chassis and rear center driveshaft were slightly bent, still not bad for a worst case landing.

Axial RTR EXO Terra Buggy – RC Car Action

Axial 10mm Shock Parts Tree 2. The EXO is also one of those kits where you pretty much have every bag open by the third step. Then there are 4 seat sand cars that accommodate you and 3 friends, but tdrra don’t usually work that well outside of the sand dunes.

No frequency conflicts for worry-free driving. If you have big hands AND like to curse AND have a bad temper please lock all large hammers away before you attempt to pop a battery in.

A set screw is used to securely lock the two piece motor mount in position. Dead Band — sets throttle sensitivity from the neutral position. To rectify the problem I simply used one of the horns that came with the Hitec servo.


Axial EXO Terra Buggy Aluminum Side Panel Set

Battery removal is easy. The Axial team went to great lengths to ensure scale looks in the EXO, more so than any other off road kit on the market, kudos to them. Trophy trucks are awesome, Class-1 buggies are just as cool, but you only get to take along one friend. It’s got a VXL kit running on 2S for now.

This feature can be turned off for use with standard NiMH packs. You can polish the plastic surfaces and you can add grease to axjal, but the stock servo saver works very poorly, period.

Grub screws seemed to be the answer to any engineering problem during the design of the EXO. Send a private message to GTracing. Brushless motors have a lot less drag than brushed motors. I believe so and Iplan to do so with mine. I suspect the extra rear overhang for the roll-cage and the soft damping of the rear suspension were the culprits for causing the nose down attitude. The flexible rubber straps are connected to a hinge on aixal end and the other contains a pin that keys into a composite plastic latch that keeps your battery securely in place.

The complete system is 3S capable which will allow you to lay down some serious power!