Integration with Sentinel, Integrator, Gateway, and PassPort — Learn . Synchrony Database is not supported with Interchange This chapter describes the steps required to install and configure the Axway Synchrony EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Gateway so it can operate correctly . To configure Axway Synchrony Interchange: When the system opens the Axway Synchrony Login.

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Click the Community name. Type the phone number in the Phone number field. Log in to Axway Synchrony schema and create the following indexes to improve the interface performance between Argus Interchange and Axway Synchrony:. Click Start to start the node.

Install and Configure Axway Synchrony

It is compatible with service oriented architectures SOAs. Enter the log directory name in Directory.

When the Pick a certificate page opens: Click the Set up a delivery exchange for routing received messages to integration link. When the system opens the Pick a community window: Go to the Services directory for the local machine.


Go to the Summary Page, and click Configure the settings for application delivery. JVM argument is not applicable in version 5.

Axway Gateway Interchange certified for ebXML messaging interoperability by Drummond Group®

You may also start the Axway Synchrony Server from the command prompt. Click Browse to navigate to the saved file. Click the Other Plaintext from File system link. Click the Certificate listed on the Personal certificates tab. Description of the illustration axway. Click the Trading Engine option.

To configure Axway Synchrony for binary file transmission: Place the cursor on the Gatdway Configuration icon. When the Inline processing rules appear: The status of the node changes to Starting. Log on to the Receiver Server. For more information, see the Axway Interchange installation documentation.

Sender screen, click the Default delivery exchange link. The system moves them to the Selected attributes list.

Select the machine to add the node to from the Computer name drop-down list. The Start Server dialog box appears. Do not close this dialog box until the Server Startup Complete status appears.


Go to the following URL: When the Welcome page opens: To start the Axway Synchrony Server: When the Search results page opens verify that the transmission is in progress by locating the Custom Search section and clicking Find until Delivered appears on the screen. In the Getting started screen, click the System Management icon. To register with the Axway Synchrony Community: When the Axway Synchrony Login window opens: When the wizard opens the Enter profile path page: Click the Trusted root certificates tab to verify that no certificates exist for the Sender or Receiver Axway Synchrony.