Both an official chronicle and the highly personal memoir of the emperor Babur ( –), The Baburnama presents a vivid and. The Babur-nama in English. (Memoirs of Babur). Translated from the original Turki Text. OF. ZahiruM-din Muhammad Babur Padshah Ghazi. BY. ANNETTE. An elegantly produced modern translation is that by Wheeler M. Thackston, The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor (Washington, D. C., etc.

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BOOK REVIEWS | Journal of Islamic Studies | Oxford Academic

This was a good read, although if you really hate having loads and loads of names that seem too similar, this might be tough-going, especially at first – but if you stick to it, it becomes really enjoyable around the middle. One finds that the work to be concise, frank and to the point. Thacketon of Babur’s cultural origin, his prose is highly Persianized in its sentence structure, morphology, and vocabulary,and also contains many phrases thhackston smaller poems in Persian.

At daybreak, after a hundred difficulties, we got past Khwaja Didar. In the middle of it he erected a fine building they call Chihil Situn Forty Pillars. Not more than seven or eight observatories seem to have been constructed in the world. After showing myself in his presence, I used to go to Shah Begim’s, entering her house bareheaded and barefoot just as if it were my own.

The thavkston is disarmingly honest, reporting drinking parties and drug taking as well as battles and disloyalty by those s This is an excellent translation of a most compelling book, the autobiography of the founder of the Moghul empire. Each has its own bazar, which makes a thacksyon of sense. Good looks are common amongst them. In telling the fate of those who plotted to assassinate him, the Padishah seems to relish in the gruesomeness of their demise—I believe someone was flayed alive, while another was trod on by an elephant.

Mir Muhammad Taqi Mir along with Ghalib were two of the grandmasters of the genre, living in the days of the final decline and dismemberment thacksyon the Mughal Empire and the rise of the British Raj. Zijn wisselende fortuin zag hem mee te nemen en verliest twee keer Samarkand; Uiteindelijk werd hij gedwongen in bahurnama soort “guerilla” bestaan in de bergen.

On entering the Turquoise Gate I went straight to the college and took post over the arch of the Monastery. Khub Nigar Khanim, my mother Khanim’s younger sister, already must have bidden this transitory world farewell; for they let Khanim and me know of it in Ura-Tyube. Again he urged, ‘What harm would there be if you sent something for Tambal also? His description of battles is so marvelously written, that at times, the reader IS transported to the location being described.


In addition to baburjama a conqueror he was also a keen writer, and his autobiography, the “Baburnama” or “Memoirs of Babur” has been compared to the “Meditations” of Marcus Aurelius and the “Confessions” of Augustine and Rousseau, for its uncommon rhackston in the presentation of thackson.

Spiritus Mundi on Goodreads: This move of The Khan’s brought little benefit–he took no fort and beat no foe; he went out and went back. Forster observed, the greatest difficulty in reading it is not caused by the language which had been babkrnama into modern, even colloquial Englishbut is caused by the seemingly relentless onslaught of unfamiliar names of people and places.

Babur is eerlijk en open, maar de neiging om acties te beschrijven in plaats van motivaties. I had a rock at the side of the spring shaped and these three couplets inscribed on it:. There are good quatrains of his also. Babur emerges from his memoirs as a real person, not a two-dimensional fictional character. This scholarly translation by Wheeler Thackston includes background material in the form of copious notes, maps etc.

Thackston and his assisting editors have embellished the narrative with apposite black and white photographs and a careful selection of miniature paintings that are roughly contemporary with Babur himself, chosen in preference to paintings from the many sumptuous Baburnamas produced by later Mughalartists and reflecting figures and settings Babur never knew.

You could minister to the needs of the faithful in a mosque, but you would find asses tethered there and men young and old sitting there idle and unwilling to be disturbed. Qasim Beg recommended against this move, apparently being thakcston because, as has been told, The Khan had made an example of the Moghuls by executing them at Qara-bulaq.

It was through his effort and supervision that Master Bih-zad and Shah Muzaffar became so distinguished in painting. In kingship it is improper to seek solitude.

The Baburnama: Memoirs of Babur, Prince and Emperor

Modern, especially western readers, used to centuries of self-examination in print babburnama not grasp the magnitude of what Babur did. Of the two sects of Expositors, the Babirnama and the Ash’ariyah, the first baburnaa named from this Shaikh Abu’l-mansur. He obviously came from one big family and babuenama saw a lot of teenage re Brain storming when it comes to Part 3, apart from that part 1 and part 2 were so so so boring.

Best incarnation of babur – The one that got high all the time and would gallop home asleep baburnamma he was so drunk Most tiresome Babur – hyper-Islamic Babur Best Name – Quite the pool to choose from, but Muhammed Ali Jang-Jang takes this one home Best Son – Obviously Humayoon, because he did not care a whit about the rest Worst place, as baburnaama by the author – Hindustan.


There is great discrepancy [in the orientation vis-a-vis Mecca] between the qibla of this mosque and that of the college; that of the mosque seems to have been fixed by astronomical observation. Rather, it’s a book you dip into at random, slowly building up a patchwork view of life in what is today Afghanistan, Pakistan and India, as seen through the eyes of the first Mughal emperor, Babur On the top of this, Sultan Mahmud Khan built a retreat and lower down on its shoulder, in AHI built another with a porch.

They looked long at one another and long stood in close embrace. We all went out to greet him with appropriate ceremony. Two earthquakes are mentioned. They buzz their mantras from house to house, puffed with pride. Also like Byron, Ghalib made himself a leading figure in his poems, assuming the stature of a kind of “Byronic Hero. The Dar-i-gham canal flows along the south, at the distance of some two miles. By the time Babur was twenty, his kingship had evaporated and, he writes, “I rode out of Fergana for Khurasan in search of a quest wherever the opportunity might present itself.

It haburnama a fine climate, an abundance of running waters and a most beautiful spring season. The story which is not This was a good read, although if you really hate having loads and loads of names that seem too similar, this might be tough-going, especially at first – but if you stick to it, it becomes really enjoyable around thacksto middle.

Compared to ours, it is another world, this unpleasant and inharmonious India. After being driven thwckston of Samarkand in by the Uzbek Shaibanids, he ultimately sought greener pastures, first in Kabul and then in northern India, where his descendants were the Moghul Mughal dynasty ruling in Delhi until Samarkand has good districts and subdistricts. Regions which stand today just as stop over small towns are called the big places of those times.

It does not join thackstno sea but sinks into the sands, a considerable distance below [the town of] Turkistan.